The DockATot has literally been a BFF for this first time Mama! My darling son, Cash, decided to make hisarrival early (hubs was deployed but his awesome Team SGT got him back just hours before he was born).But the DockATot has been a total lifesaver for my 6 lb. mini especially when Duty Calls (literally) forDaddy. The Dock is hands down the easiest and best accessory I have due to it being so multi-functional.It allows me to cook, clean, sleep, shower and anything in between while my hubs is away. It even playedthe role of a “beach chair” for Cash while he was battling jaundice. It’s portability is unparalleled to any ofthe many options out there. It is so easy to move (I mean seriously… it couldn’t be any lighter!) from roomto room, from car to boat, from play date to park, from Florida to Iowa! We love visiting family back in theMidwest when my husband is gone and the Dock makes traveling an absolute breeze! No bulky Pack n’Play or Rock n’ Play to check in separately as the Dock fits right into my luggage without a fuss. I alsocredit the Dock for the amazing bond I have formed with my Mini and I owe much of my breastfeedingsuccess to it. If there is one item I could not live without, especially when my husband is away, this is it.The Dock has literally been a saving grace for this Military family!