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The Best Way to Capture Baby's Special Moments

Milestone Cards | Dockatot

From first smile to first time eating solid foods, your baby's memorable moments come fast and furious during the first year of their life. It can feel overwhelming trying to capture every moment on camera, but years down the road, you'll be so happy you did. Thankfully, there's Milestone, beautifully designed photo cards that enable parents to document their baby's first moments in a fun and visually gorgeous way. "I created Milestone to give parents a return ticket to the most precious moments of their life. So that they can enjoy them later on, when they have time,"says Milestone™ founder Gemma Broekhuis.

The Story Behind Milestone
"I created the cards from my own need for something like this," says Broekhuis. "When my oldest son rolled over, I felt the need to capture that moment. And not by just snapping a picture (of which I had about a thousand by that time) but really make a picture that would make it possible for me to revisit that moment. I wrote a card by hand that said 'Today I rolled over for the first time' with the date, took a picture, and thought: 'This is so valuable! Maybe other parents would appreciate this too.'" And she was right, Milestone™ products are now available in 12 languages and sold in 37 countries around the world!

Milestone Cards

Why Baby's Special Moments Are So Important 

"Time goes by so very quickly. The years with your children, especially when they are babies, are the busiest years of your life," says Broekhuis. "But ironically enough, it is also the time you wish you could hold on to and remember forever." By capturing your baby's memorable moments on camera, it gives you a second chance to revisit and savor those moments later on when life isn't so busy.

Milestone Cards

Sharing is Caring
By taking photos of your baby in the moment, parents get to share the important memories of their child and family with loved ones who sometimes live at a distance. "We get emails from parents all over the world thanking us for having thought of this, it means that much to them," says Broekhuis.

A Future Gift for Your Kids
Photos are a true and priceless gift for your children. "Imagine having all those pictures when they grow up," says Broekhuis. "I actually really love the Mini Cards by Milestone™. My oldest son is now 5 and he says the best things. Like 'Why is the moon full, did he eat too much.' So I use those a lot at the moment. With those expressions and quotes, it's like with dreams. You think you are going to remember them but you don't. I make a note in my phone and then write them on a Mini Card when I get around to it. It's going to be a treasure of smiles in the future."

DockATot and Milestone Cards

Milestone and DockATot Team Up!

You can celebrate your favorite memorable moments with our "Slept Through the Night" sweepstakes. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Milestone and a chance for you to win a Grand DockATot along with a set of photo cards from Milestone (Value: $300). With each order of a Deluxe DockATot, we're including an adorable “I Slept Through the Night” Milestone™ photo card.  We will choose a new winner every month. 

Here's how to enter:
1. Purchase a Deluxe DockATot.
2. Find the enclosed Milestone™ card and snap a photo of your baby with #sleptthroughthenight
3. Post it on Instagram
4. Tag your image and post @Dockatot & @Milestonecards
5. Follow @Dockatot & @Milestonecards on Instagram

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Mollie Gerke-Knoll
Mollie Gerke-Knoll

March 24, 2016

Absolutely LOVE our deluxe DockATot!!!


March 24, 2016

i love these, what a clever idea!

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