Celebrity Moms Love DockATot Baby Lounger

It's safe to say that DockATot has become something of a baby gear must-have among famous moms. The recent baby boom in Hollywood has turned out a new crop of celebrity moms who can't live without their DockATot baby loungers. From Kim Kardashian and Coco Rocha to Scarlett Johansson and Emilie de Ravin, DockATot's celebrity fans love the sheer versatility and design of this best selling potable baby bed. 


DockATot Baby Lounger

Why Celebs Love DockATot 
Celebrity moms love DockATot for its chicness. We've made style an essential part of the DockATot recipe. While most baby gear is meant to be functional, the style element is often left out of the equation. Without forsaking safety and functionality, we've made fashion a major factor when designing DockATot. Founder Lisa Furuland designed DockATot baby loungers to compliment every room in the house--not just the nursery.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West DockATot

Celebrity Moms on the Go
Design and aesthetics aside, probably the biggest reason why the A-list can't get enough of their DockATot baby lounger is the portability factor. With crazy busy travel schedules, celebrity moms need a safe, snug and reliable spot for their little ones to rest in, regardless of where they are. Kim and Kanye travel the globe with their DockATots in tow--for both Saint and North. Little ones love the permanence of their DockATot and it helps them feel secure even in unfamiliar environments. 

DockATot Baby Lounger

DockATot in the Celebrity News
DockATot has also gotten some love in the celebrity media: Hollywood Life's HollyBaby section featured DockATot as a baby shower gift idea; In Touch magazine called DockATot a celebrity "sleepytime staple," while Life & Style magazine recently featured DockATot as a celebrity baby must have, too. 

Shop DockATot, the must have baby gear loved by Molly Sims, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Emilie de Ravin, Emma Heming Willis, Kym Whitely, Nicole Marrow (aka Coco-T), Missi Pyle, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, and Tiffani Thiessen.