DockATot Baby Lounger

Earth Day with DockATot
Every year, on April 22nd, the world celebrates Earth Day. This is the day we take pause and reflect on what it means to be a good citizen of the planet we all live on. At DockATot, we make very effort to appreciate the earth every day of the year. 

We Take Pride in our Earth-Friendly Materials
By using only 100% cotton and non-synthetic materials, practicing responsible labor practices and going above and beyond to make sure our baby products are the safest and healthiest they can possibly be. In other words, we take no shortcuts when it comes to respecting Mother Nature. 

DockATot Seamstress

DockATot: We Believe in Responsible Labor Practices
We believe Earth Day is not only about respecting the earth, but also the people that live on it. We employ over 30 workers who are devoted to the creation of DockATots every day of the week. These workers take great pride in their work and carefully cut, sew, create and package each DockATot with love, knowing it will soon make its way to a lucky family. 

DockATot Baby Lounger

Celebrating Earth Day with Kids
While your little one still might be too young to help plant a tree, there are many other Earth Day activities you can get your child involved in. If your baby is younger than one year, find a park you haven't explored yet and take a long walk with the little one in the stroller or in a carrier. For toddlers, you can fill up a bird feeder together, collect rocks outside and paint them to transform them into paperweights, sort recyclables or just plan a fun day outside exploring Mother Nature together.