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DockATot Celebrates Mom

DockATot Baby Lounger

(Photo courtesy of @livingnotes)

Every day is Mother's Day at DockATot. Everything we do as a company is with respect to moms and their little ones. We understand how overwhelming and all encompassing motherhood is, which is why we've worked incredibly hard to create a product for moms that can help them rest easier and not worry about their little ones' safety and comfort. From our responsible labor practices to our rigorously tested materials sourced from the world's leading fabric suppliers, each detail has been exhaustively thought out and executed. DockATot was created out of a need to find the perfect spot for our little ones to dock. We're so honored to receive the incredible response from all of our supportive Dock moms! 

DockATot Baby Lounger

(Photo courtesy of @koko_collado)

Moms Love DockATot
In honor of Mother's Day, we're sharing some of our favorite quotes from moms around the country who have been outspoken about their love for DockATot:

@kateandtrudy "We have a pretty amazing sleeper already but decided to order the DockATot for nights when she does end up in our bed or for when we go camping this summer. We set her in tonight while we ate dinner and within 10 minutes she was fast asleep with no fuss. So happy!"

@ilovescience "Before DockATot, Maddy would only take naps ON me! Now we get two solid two hour naps a day and six hour stretches at night! He's even learning how to put himself to sleep without sleep training!"

@katie_did_what: "This thing was a lifesaver all throughout our trip. Since she sleeps in the @dockatot for naps and bedtime, it allowed us to stick to our routine and have a happy baby the whole time! Definitely recommend DockATot (Not sponsored, I just really love it)."

@littlewifepowerhouse: "For us, we definitely use DockATot. When he was smaller it was so nice to have him napping wherever and be able to move him if needed and now it's especially helpful since he can roll around I can plop him in and he's good. Sometimes he wants to hang with us but just doesn't want to be held so he's got his own little bed wherever we go and he loves it!"

@imperfectly_balanced: "I can't praise the DockATot more! Our week old bambino sleeps in it every night and it's helping us transition him to the bassinet. He soothes himself to sleep in it and sleeps approx 2 hours+ between feedings comfortably. It's truly helped my anxiety of anything happening and let's us feel comfortable and also get sleep at night. If you have a baby or are expecting you must purchase this now!"

Truth be told, these are only a tiny portion of the outpouring of gratitude we receive on a daily basis from moms who can't live without their favorite baby gear, DockATot. We are so grateful to hear from all of you and it's exactly why we do what we do. 

DockATot Founder Lisa Furuland with her Kids

 (DockATot founder Lisa Furuland with her two sons)

Our Mother's Day Gift to You
As a show of our appreciation to all our Dock moms, we're excited to offer 20% off a select assortment of DockATot docks and covers. Shop our Mother's Day sale now, use code MOTHERSDAY20 at checkout. Our sale ends on Sunday, May 8 at midnight EST.

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