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DockATot feels the love on social media

Wow, what a week! DockATot has now officially launched and we've been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love from all of you happy parents out there. We have been especially over the moon with all of the attention DockATot has been receiving on social media! Here's a look at what some our first fans have to say on Instagram and in the blogs:

On Instagram: 


packing buddy {sleeping in a @dockatot! #goodformgirl}

@Mila is very happy because she slept for 9 hours straight last night! Since she was born (5 months ago) she has been going no longer than 3 hour stretches... Until her new #dockatot was taken for a spin.

@lSleep time, tummy time, play time, lounge time...you name it! The@dockatot does it all! I'm obsessed with it, my kids love it as well.

@I'm super excited about this & wanted to share it with you Mommies out there... The @dockatot is Amazing and coming soon!! I was lucky enough to get my hands on one early! Kamila loves it and fell asleep just like this right away after putting her in it. I think she feels like she is being snuggled with?! It's an amazing new invention from a Swedish company that just launched here in the USA

On the blogs:

The Hive Mag
Nothing beats the feeling of holding a newborn baby and with good reason – they’re simply impossible to put down, sometimes quite literally.  Too unsteady to prop up against a pillow and sometimes too nerve wracking to lay down for fear of rolling,  but thankfully, Dockatot, the multi-functional, innovative and super-stylish must-have for parents, is finally available in the US.


Jenn Falik, beauty and style expert:
Perfectly marrying style and functionality, this uniquely shaped (dare I say womb-like?) pillowy egg cradles little Goldie, keeping her snug in what, even now as we pass the 6 month mark, seems like the most giant crib in the world.  As needed, we take it out of the crib and move it around the house to give her a safe (and familiar) spot to chill, play and sneak in a little tummy time. It really is so awesome.

Gugu Guru
What makes DockATot stand out from the crowd is the careful consideration the founder (a mom of two young boys) has given to the overall design, functionality and safety of the dock.  The unique shape and design allow babies to comfortably rest, play, snuggle and log in some tummy time. The idea is that your little one feels snuggled in a safe haven that feels a lot like the womb. The bumpers are made with a special air-permeable fabric that makes DockATot particularly worry-free.

Are you loving your DockATot, too? We want to hear! Share your photos and praise on Instagram and use #dockatot. 

Happy docking! 

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Melanie Borden
Melanie Borden

July 29, 2015

We absolutely LOVE our dockatot! I was woken up several times throughout the night before I received it. Now my baby sleeps 5-9 hours straight. Amazing!!!

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