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Expert Tips: How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Baby

How to take amazing baby photos

Photo Credit: Ana Schechter

Just one look at the DockATot Instagram account proves that DockATot helps when it comes to snapping photos of your baby. But there's more to taking a great photo of your child than just a photogenic prop. We got the lowdown from New York City photographer Ana Schechter, who's ultra-adorable photos of babies have been featured in tons of national magazines, including American Baby and Parents.

Here, Ana's tips on taking the best photos of your baby at all times! 

Babies are very temperamental! What are your tricks for getting good photos of them?
Ana Schechter: It's best to try to shoot photos when baby is recently fed and changed, AND napped, if possible! Happy, dry, full-tummied babies have the highest probability for a giant smile. 

Any color clothing that works particularly well for photos?
AS: For under one year, I prefer just being in a diaper if weather permits! Those little rolls and chunks don't last forever, and often clothing just gets bunched up. But if clothes are the look you want, pick something that does fit as well as possible. Cramming baby into something too tight will make her upset, and if it's too big she'll get caught in it, chew on it or just look sloppy in it. Avoiding loud patterns is also best. Pick a color that isn't likely to clash with your background, and you're good!

Any tips for making a baby photo Instagram-worthy?
AS: Anything that makes people laugh out loud, or is unbelievably cute is always a winner. Hilarious expressions that might look like adult expressions are funny, baby with food all over her face, looking really tiny on a huge beach is always so cute, and being snuggled while sleepy with a sweet contented expression are sure-fire winners. Things like that! Things that are real. 

Most moms use their phones to snap pictures, do you think it's worth it still to invest in a good camera? 
AS: I love shooting with my iPhone! I'd say if you have an interest in photography in general, go for it! But it does take a lot of time to get familiar enough with the equipment to consistently get the photos you want. If you're just doing it because you think it's the key to getting more followers on Instagram--no need! Plenty of the people with over 100k followers are iPhone-only shooters. 

Any camera recommendations for amateur photogs?
So many places to begin with this! I teach whole workshops on it. I would suggest though that in general, Canon products have an easier learning curve than Nikon if you're a total beginner. If you already have experience with one brand, stick with that and just get a better model that you're going to have familiarity with already. Sony products are fabulous as well. Look online for the options in your price point, but then get yourself to the camera store to HOLD the camera in real life. If it's too heavy/bulky for you to see yourself carrying around a lot, you'll end up never using it. 

What is your best advice to new moms about taking pictures of their new baby?
Just take a zillion of them! You only have to show the world the very best of them. No one has to know you shot 1,000 photos to get two rad photos of baby's 1-year cake-smashing photo. (Ha!) By practicing a lot, you'll get better, FAST. 
BONUS TIP FROM ANA: Back up your photos. Please definitely do this! I've had new mamas say they've lost everything from their child's first year because they kept putting off "figuring out" the whole back-up solution thing with their phones. Ask for help if you don't know how! But please don't risk finding yourself in the heartbreaking position of having all of your family photos gone. 
Did you know that DockATot is fast becoming the go-to prop for mamas to use when snapping photos of their little ones? The uniquely shaped bumpers are a great way to prop babies up for photo time. Don't be shy! Share photos of your babies in their DockATot on our Instagram using #dockatot. 
Check out more of Ana's gorgeous photos of babies on Instagram at @anaphotonyc.

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September 08, 2015

Great tips! I love those little rolls so much and totally agree just a diaper is the way to go!

Sashka Rothchild
Sashka Rothchild

September 04, 2015

Great stuff, love this !

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