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Baby Travel Tips from an Expert Mom Traveler


The mere thought of traveling with baby can bring many moms to tears. But when done right, going on trips with baby in tow can be fun for the whole family. Many moms love traveling with their DockATot baby lounger, which is also a portable baby bed. From hanging out at the pool to using it at the beach and on the airplane, DockATot infant lounger makes babies feel snug and comfy wherever they are. It's also perfect for co-sleeping in hotel rooms whilst on holiday. For more family travel tips, we turned to Zoie Kingsbery Coe, the founder of travel firm Kid & Coe for her best tips on traveling with baby. Zoie is more than experienced at handling small children and travel--she’s spent years touring the globe with her husband and two young children and regularly hops between her favorite places, New York, Los Angeles, London and Ibiza. Here, her tips on how to travel with baby and stay sane. 

Airplane travel with babies can be the stuff nightmares are made of. How do you prepare yourself for the worst when bringing babies/toddlers (little ones under 3) on an airplane? 
ZKC: It is always tricky, but these are a few hacks I have learned along the way. I think the smaller they are, the easier it can be - they are more portable and under twos fly for free in many cases, so there is no better time to get traveling! It pays to anticipate the worst - so be sure to pack double the diapers you think you’ll need, a change of clothes and layers for you in case the top one gets a case of spit up, and plenty of snacks.

These I Spy books for toddlers are amazing - you will possibly lose your mind repeating yourself, but you can easily distract a wiggly toddler for hours with a few of these in your carry-on. Never underestimate the impact of novelty - new little sticker books, Play-doh, and a lollipop to be pulled out right when the air pressure changes.

Any tricks to changing diapers on an airplane?
ZKC: Definitely don’t do it at your seat! Book a seat on the end of a row so it is easy to get to the bathroom when you need to. Change their diaper just before you board, and consider being one of the last to board rather than the first so you have as little time in a confined space as possible.

What have you found to be the most travel-friendly baby clothing brands? 
ZKC: I love American Apparel leggings for toddlers - they're cute, stretchy and stylish too. If it's a long haul flight, we always bring their jammies so they can try and have a cozy sleep. It can be cold up in the sky, so it’s always good to pack a blanket, throw or scarf for them too.

Which cities have you found to be the most baby-friendly?
ZKC: I love Sydney - so many things to see and do, and so much is baby friendly. Ibiza has a party reputation but it’s actually wonderful for kids, with great beaches and relaxed beach bars. And I love London too - it's the perfect combination of green space and cosmopolitan city life.

Which stroller is your favorite for travel? 
ZKC: I can honestly say I have tried every stroller out there, and I keep coming back to the Maclaren umbrella stroller... it's the lightest and smallest stroller I can get away with!

How do you make sure your little one feels comfortable in a new surrounding?
ZKC: Jetlag is one thing that makes all of us miserable when we fly - and we try to make it as easy on the kids as possible by getting out into the fresh air and bright sunshine as soon as possible. For little ones, taking a blanket from home and a lovey is always a good idea. Calming the pace down on a trip for the first few days also gives them a chance to acclimatize.

Do you bring a portable high chair? 
ZKC: I have travelled with lots of gear, but my advice to parents is really try and get away with as little as you possibly can. I've yet to be to a restaurant that doesn't have some kind of high chair, and worst comes to worst, baby sits in the stroller.

Any other baby gadgets that you bring along when you travel?
ZKC: The Gro Anywhere Blackout Blinds are great for kids who need to sleep but can’t do it in daylight. I also heartily recommend stacking cups as a travel toy - they’re portable, great for the beach and the bath, and you can play with them on the plane too.

Best piece of advice for other parents before they leave home for a trip with their baby?
ZKC: Traveling with kids is tricky, but the alternative is you don't go anywhere, which is no alternative at all. You can do it, and enjoy it! 


And of course don't forget to pack your DockATot, the best portable baby lounger for traveling! 

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September 13, 2016

You can find the follow up blog post we published about traveling with DockATot here:
DockATot team

Reese Yospe
Reese Yospe

September 05, 2016

Was the follow-up about traveling posted? If so, is there a link?

jessika hasso
jessika hasso

November 10, 2015

I threw out my plastic bag that came with my dockatot and will be traveling soon with my baby do you sell a bag?


October 30, 2015

HI Jennifer,
We are going to be doing a follow up post about traveling with the DockATot and best practices.
Since this is a bulky item, it needs to be checked. Please keep the plastic covering the DockATot
is packaged in for easier toting and transporting, as well as cardboard it originally comes with to keep
the padding flat. The Deluxe DockATot can also be carried on should you be worried about checking. Most moms happily check it as an extra piece of luggage and enjoy the peace and comfort that the DockATot brings for babies & tots while vacationing.

Happy Trails,
The DockATot team


October 27, 2015

How you do travel with the dock a tot. It’s obvious that you check it but do you put it in a suitcase? I’m afraid it will get stolen if I leave it in the bag.

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