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Co-Sleeping: Mother Knows Best

For DockATot founder Lisa Furuland, one of the catalysts behind the creation of the DockATot Deluxe was the need for a better way to co-sleep with her kids. "I'm a huge believer in bed-sharing and co-slept with both of my kids," says Furuland. "When done safely and smartly, co-sleeping with baby has so many benefits. It fosters a closer bond between baby and parents, helps nursing moms get more rest and allows parents to monitor their child's breathing." 

While the subject of co-sleeping with your baby is controversial, it's been done for centuries. In fact, it wasn't until the 19th century when babies started sleeping in cribs, that co-sleeping fell out of favor. But thanks to a new way of thinking, the idea of co-sleeping with baby is becoming a hot topic amongst new moms and healthcare professionals. 

New Thoughts on Co-Sleeping
James McKenna, director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame, recently published a peer-reviewed article in the publication Acta Paediatrica that states the benefits of "breastsleeping," a term he has coined to refer to the combination of co-sleeping and breastfeeding. "It may be 2015, and we may live in an urban, industrial setting, but this breastsleeping system has been humankind's oldest sleeping arrangement and feeding method," McKenna told The Huffington Post.  

In the report, McKenna states: "Bedsharing is known to double and even triple the number of breastfeeds per night." His point is that since breastfeeding provides significant protection from a number of diseases, including SIDS itself and when done safely, the benefits of breastsleeping are numerous. 

Why Use DockATot for Co-Sleeping?
What makes DockATot one of the best infant co-sleepers? Well to start off, DockATot was created with bed-sharing in mind. DockATot facilitates correct back positioning while preventing the baby from rolling out of bed, hitting his head against the headboard, getting caught between the bed and the wall, or wriggling down under the covers. The sides of the DockATot baby lounger help prevent parents from rolling on top of the baby, but are soft enough to easily access baby and facilitate a middle of the night nursing session. The bumpers are specially designed to be firm and dense enough to ensure a strong and safe separation between child and parent. They are also comfy enough to make it easy for parents to rest their arms on to pat and reassure the baby during the night.

Safe Co-Sleeping Tips
If you decide to co-sleep with your baby, these safety measures are an absolute must! 

  • Remove all stuffed toys and other play things
  • Remove excessive bedding, including thick mattress padding and pillows
  • Never place an infant or young child on a waterbed
  • Never leave the child unattended and only allow sleep with an unimpaired adult, one who can awaken easily
  • Only place an infant face up and in the center of the dock
  • Check to be sure that no window cords or the like can be reached from the bed
  • Do not allow infants to co-sleep with another toddler or child
  • Do not allow pets in the bed
  • An adult who is obese should not be allowed to co-sleep with the baby

Whether you use DockATot for co-sleeping with baby or not, we urge you to follow the safe sleeping tips recommended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission because absolutely nothing is more important than the safety of a child. Please visit http://www.cpsc.gov/ for more information.

5 Responses

Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

July 05, 2017

Does the Deluxe+ version fit well in a queen size bed with two adults?

Destiny Vanbibber
Destiny Vanbibber

June 18, 2017

I’ve had a dockatot since she has been born and have tried introducing it to her but with all my failed attempts I gave up when she was about a month old since I started losing sleep over it. But now she is 3 months old and bed sharing is starting to get more difficult being how I wake up every time she moves. Is it too late to reintroduce the dock? She has gotten so used to me sleeping with her but I need to get better sleep.


November 16, 2015

Is the doc a tot breathable? I have a two month old who likes to sleep with his face turned to the side if he got his face against the side I’m worried about him not being able to breathe.

Team DockATot
Team DockATot

November 08, 2015

Hi Sara,

Thanks for your comment! The toddler (Grand) DockATot could work for co-sleeping. Our docks are very good and comforting and containing little ones. Please make sure the dimensions of the Grand will work for your bed. Our Grand is measures 310 mm wide and 880 mm long (clasps open). The Grand serves well for crib to bed transition, so something to keep in mind as your little one grows. Best of luck and hope you get rest soon!

Best wishes,

sara williams
sara williams

November 07, 2015

My daughter is about to be one. We have been breastsleeping since she was a few months old. It’s been a wonderful experience for our family, until recently. She’s waking up ever more frequently – sometimes once an hour – and now that’s she’s mobile she’s climbing all over me to nurse and sometimes crying. She also used to immediately fall back asleep after nursing for a few minutes and I would do the same. Now she seems to have a much harder time falling alseep. I’m trying to determine if the toddler dockatot might a good fit for us. My concern is that she’s so mobile and climbs around when she’s drowsy / partially asleep that it will not contain her. We are very sleepy here in Seattle. Thank you for your thoughts!

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