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The New Lovemetrics Collection from DockATot Baby Loungers is Here!

Love Metrics DockATot baby loungers


Introducing Lovemetrics
The new graphically daring and exquisitely designed Lovmetrics collection from DockATot has arrived. With bold patterns and pop art-style prints, this stylish baby gear looks at home in any room of the house. “DockATot docks are used all around the house, every day, all day,” says DockATot founder and designer Lisa Furuland. “I designed this fashion-forward collection to compliment and enhance the décor of any home. Your living room should not resemble a nursery!” Lovemetrics, it’s the geometry of love and style.

DockATot baby lounger

Our new DockATot Dock designs (available in both Grand and Deluxe sizes) are:
Mod Pod, a graphic black and white pattern that literally matches every room in the house (pictured above courtesy of @taylormklinger).

Coral Trellis, the delicate latticework adds a fanciful touch to your decor.

Minty Trellis, a beachier take on basic blue, this pattern is a fashionable choice.

Our new cover designs (available in both Grand and Deluxe sizes) are:


DockATot Baby Loungers

Diamond Diva, a sweet and chic, slightly preppy and very pretty pattern of interlocking diamonds.

DockATot baby loungers

Love Triangle, a stylish option for gender-neutralness and a gorgeous addition to even the most opulent living rooms.

DockATot Baby Lounger

Love Links, a chic navy and white pattern that makes a lovely style statement in every space.

Emerald Isle, a vibrant green shade that adds a brilliant pop of accent color to a neutrally styled room.

DockATot portable baby bed

Dream Weaver, a gorgeous piece of baby gear that fits in beautifully with every kind of home decor (pictured above via The Love Designed Life).

Goldy Trellis, a chic gender neutral shade for sophisticated tastes. 

All three dock designs (Mod Pod, Minty Trellis and Coral Trellis) are also sold as separate covers. 

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