Dockatot Summer Fun with Kids

(Photo courtesy of @joyfullygreen)

Boredom Buster Ideas: Top 30 Summer Activities With Kids
How to Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Your Toddler
Sometimes, it’s just the simple things that mean the most. When it comes to summertime fun with toddlers, it’s all about taking it down a notch and living at a slower pace than usual. Entertaining the littles need not cost an arm and a leg either. Some of our favorite boredom buster activities are free! Here, our picks for the top budget-friendly ways to spend a summer day with your littles. 

Dockatot Summer fun with kids

(Photo courtesy of @newfamilydream

  1. Run through sprinklers
  2. Create a nature scavenger hunt
  3. Read books under a tree
  4. Collect shells and rocks at the beach or lake
  5. Do an ice cream tasting with 10 crazy flavors
  6. Create chalk drawings on the driveway or sidewalk
  7. Have a lemonade stand
  8. Find frogs at the nearest pond or lake
  9. Have a water balloon fight
  10. Have a family dinner outside at the park
  11. See how far your hose can spray in the yard
  12. Play a game of hopscotch
  13. Play hide and seek outside
  14. Create soap bubbles or use a bubble wand and ask your toddler to prick the bubbles
  15. Host a backyard “car wash” and hose down all your kid’s favorite toys.
  16. Hit up your local farmer’s market and create a meal only using your seasonal finds.
  17. Hang up a sheet in the backyard and host an outdoor movie night.
  18. Create your own backyard water table with a plastic container and a small table.
  19. Freeze some of their toys into an ice block and let them excavate them using their plastic tool set.
  20. Take a nature walk with them and let them point out birds and leaves.
  21. Go on a bug hunt.
  22. Fly a kite.
  23. Create an outdoor fort using old sheets.
  24. Host a toy swap with your mommy friends.
  25. Make an old-fashioned telephone with two cans and a piece of string.
  26. Head to your local library and see what free activities they offer for kids.
  27. Sit back and look at the clouds. The one who sees the funniest shapes wins.
  28. Make a backyard bird feeder.
  29. Play tic tac toe using stones and chalk.
  30. Plant some new flowers in your garden.