Decorating for Halloween With Your Kids
Even for those families that typically don’t decorate for the holidays, Halloween is the one time of year that inspires a little creativity in all of us. Let these Halloween decorating tips spark some ideas on how to get your family in the mood for a festive and spook-tacular October.

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Halloween Décor Ideas: Jack O’ lantern decorating ideas with your pumpkins
The star of the Halloween show is without a doubt---the pumpkin. But the last thing parents need is another big mess to clean up. So instead of doing a traditional pumpkin carving and the hours of clean-up that endeavor entails—we fully support decorating and leaving the orange guy fully intact. Head to your local craft store with the littles and stock up on sticker, markers, stencils, yarn, pom poms googly eyes and glue. Get as creative as you want. Some of our favorite no carve pumpkin ideas include superheroes, clowns, and animals.

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Halloween Décor Ideas: Decorate the Front Door
Decorating your front door with Halloween attitude is a great way to get in on the spirit, without inviting the spookiness inside. Grab your mini mes and get to work by decking out your door with whatever inspires you—take inspiration from your favorite family movie and create a gaggle of minions to tape onto the windows or door. Spray paint a bunch of mini pumpkins to add color to your doorstep. Create huge eyes with construction paper and tape them onto the door, as if the house were looking out at passerby.

Halloween Décor Ideas: Create Your Own Candytopia
Everyone is talking about Candytopia, the ultra-cool interactive candy exhibit that has hit New York City and Los Angeles. Create your own candy-infused artwork and installations using real candy and glue. Get inspired by checking out the Candytopia Instagram page.

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Halloween Décor Ideas: Enter at Your Own Risk
When you want to add a little spookiness but don’t want to totally freak out your little ones, we love the idea of doing shadow themed cutouts around the house. Get your little ones to help trace birds, witches, bats, pumpkins and candelabras onto black paper. Snip out your creations and display them throughout the house. Concentrate your décor in the entryway, to set the Halloween tone for the entire house.

Halloween Décor Ideas: Fall Wonderland
If you want to keep things less on the spooky side, but still festive, focus on an Autumnal wonderland theme instead. Spend the morning collecting beautifully colored leaves from outdoors. You can cheat a little and purchase fake berries and a fall themed wreath, too. We also love gourds displayed around the house to get the whole family in the mood for the fall season.