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Dock Dads Rock: Happy Father's Day 2017!

Dockatot Father's Day 2017

(Photo courtesy of @therealvthang)

Let's Hear it for the Boys!
It's time to give a shout out to all our dock daddies. While it's typically the moms who initially discover DockATot, there's no doubt that dad soon picks up on the multitasking powers and baby soothing properties that is the DockATot. As evidenced by the photos our dock families share with us on social media, we're lucky to have dad on board, too! In celebration of Father's Day 2017, we wanted to share some fun last minute (and free!) ideas you can do with dad this weekend (or anytime over the summer). 

Father's Day 2017 ideas with DockATot

(Photo courtesy of @danihampton)

Get a Room!  
Plan a quick staycation and book a last minute hotel room in your town or driving distance away. We love the Hotel Tonight app, which finds you waaaay discounted rooms that are available that night and up to a week out. Just don't forget to pack your DockATot. 

Dockatot grand

(Photo courtesy of @sleepyonhudson

Gone Fishing
Even if dad has never reeled one in, Father's Day is the perfect time weather-wise to find a beautiful waterfront setting and laze around fishing. You can catch and release and then find a yummy nearby restaurant to serve you some fish and chips. 

Dockatot Deluxe

(Photo courtesy of @irene_smith15)

Cook up a storm
Sometime's it's just easier--and more delicious--to cook at home. Plan your dream menu and spend Father's Day getting busy (in the kitchen, that is). Bonus: Plan enough food for leftovers the next day so mama gets a little break, too. 

Dockatot 2017

(Photo courtesy of @nickrosz)

Get Your Snuggle On
Because it's Sunday and there's nothing better than a good old fashioned family snuggle. Spoil him today and let him stay in his PJs an extra couple of hours. 

Dockatot Deluxe

(Photo courtesy of @bevinwestfall

However you decide to celebrate Father's Day this year, enjoy this special time with your family. Try and digital detox (at least for a couple of hours) and focus on your favorite people. 

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