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Behind the Seams: DockATot Answers Your Questions, "How Breathable is DockATot?"

DockATot Safety

At DockATot, we get so many questions about breathability, so we wanted to take a moment to shed some light on how we ensure our docks are air-permeable. Our brand mission is to create a healthy and worry-free environment for babies in order to help them achieve the sleep and rest that is essential to their well-being. We have taken great measures to ensure the breathability of DockATot is never in question. By producing a product that has met--and exceeded--the requirements put in place for a baby product, our goal is to ease the minds of parents so they can have one less thing to worry about. 

Dockatot baby lounger

DockATot: Breathability Testing 
One of the most important benefits of a DockATot is its breathability and air-permeability. On that end, we tested both the Deluxe and Grand sized DockATots to make sure both comply with BS4578, the British standard on air-permeability for infant pillows The BS4578 test is the result of an objective to produce a British standard specification for a pillow which can confidently be used in cots and perambulators. The BSI Committee for Nursery Bedding has tried to consult anyone who may be able to contribute to the solution of the problem of a British Standard safe pillow, and the inquiries have included consultation with physiologists about the breathing of young children (quantity and rate flow of air, psychological and other effects if air flow becomes restricted). The test is designed to replicate a baby placing its mouth on/against an item, and measures how easily it can breathe through the item. It measures the pressure (in mmH2O) required to allow 12 litres of air per minute through the item (which is how much a baby typically breaths). 

To get really technical, the test uses a flanged tube apparatus with a downward force of 10N and an internal diameter of 36 mm is used to measure airflow through the wadded product. The flanged tube is placed onto the wadded product, which is lying on a rigid unperforated surface, the force of 10N that is applied causes a crushing effect in the product.The airflow that is measured must come perpendicular to the plane of the flanged tube, and will be a very small airflow. The results are expressed as a pressure result in mm H2O. The lower the number, the less pressure is required to allow the air through, hence it is easier to breathe. The British standards gives guidelines for infant pillows to not exceed 20 mm H2O. The DockATot docks – both Deluxe and the Grand – comply with this standard.  

cosleeping with dockatot

Co-Sleeping with DockATot
Another FAQ we receive from parents is on the topic of co-sleeping. Yes, DockATot is suitable for bed-sharing. In fact, DockATot was just recommended by Fit Pregnancy as a "middle ground solution for bed sharing parents" that want to try co-sleeping. At DockATot, we believe that co-sleeping provides valuable emotional benefits as well as helps new moms with breastfeeding. DockATot was created in part for co-sleeping. Its protective sides facilitate correct back positioning while preventing the baby from rolling out of bed, hitting his head against the headboard, getting caught between the bed and the wall or wriggling down under the covers. The sides also help prevent parents from rolling on top of the baby. Whether you decide to co-sleep or not is up to you and your family. If you do co-sleep with baby, it's essential to follow these DockATot safety tips:

  • Always place DockATot in the middle of the bed (not near the sides) and at the top of the bed during co-sleeping. 
  • Always place your baby on his/her back to night and nap time sleep on a firm sleep surface.
  • The baby’s head should always be positioned at the head end of the DockATot (opposite the clip).
  • Keep the baby’s sleep area free of loose items, such as toys, crib bumpers, pillows and blankets. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of wearable blankets.


Dockatot baby safety

How to Use DockATot 
While DockATot was made to be 100% breathable for baby, it's still important to follow these rules when using DockATot:

  • DockATot must always be used in a childsafe and supervised environment.
  • Always ensure that DockATot is placed fully supported on its back on a flat, firm and stable surface.
  • Do not use DockATot near a vertical surface like a wall or in a confined space such as a crib.
  • When using the DockATot Grand in a child’s bed, be sure that the dock is placed at a manageable height so the child can safely descend from it.
  • Do not use DockATot if damaged.
  • Give your baby plenty of supervised tummy time when they are awake for healthy development. DockATot makes tummy time fun and comfy for baby.


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