Dockatot Winter Toddler Ideas

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Winter Fun Ideas for Children
It's around this time every year we become SO DONE with winter. We're ready to pack up our lives and move to Hawaii (who's with us?). But because that's not a reality (at least not for most of us), we learn how to deal with the cold weather and all the white stuff that comes with it. Speaking of snow, babies and toddlers love playing with it--even if us adults could do without it. It may be easier to just thrust an iPad in your toddler's hands or turn on another episode of Sesame Street, but spending time together on a project or playing goes a long way for their development. Outdoor play in the winter with kids also means built-in exercise and hopefully avoiding some of those germs and viruses that thrive in an indoor environment. Here, the best ways to keep things interesting for toddlers and babies in the wintertime.

dockatot winter tips

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Create a Winter Scavenger Hunt
We love this ideas from The Artful Parent blog. Pour water colored with food dyes into your toddler's sand toy molds and put into the freezer. A few hours later, remove them and hide them in the snow in your backyard. Your littles will have a blast going on this ice sculpture scavenger hunt. Finish up with a yummy cup of hot chocolate. Another fun idea with food coloring and water is to freeze large blocks of the stuff in a plastic Tupperware container and then let your toddler have at it with a toy hammer. Breaking ice is endless fun for kids!

dockatot winter tips

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Build a Snowman
This may sound simple enough, but throw a six month old into the mix and the act of building a snowman becomes a challenge. When older siblings want to venture outside to play--or when you simply want some fresh air. Bundle up your baby and don't forget to bring your DockATot Deluxe + to give you some hands-free fun. While you're outside, some other fun cold weather activities with children include:

  • Blowing bubbles. The cold air is the perfect recipe for bubbles to last longer in the air. 
  • Play Tic Tac Snow: Create a Tic Tac Toe grid in the snow and use things like pine cones or sticks instead of X and O.
  • Make spray paint drawings by filling a spray bottle with food coloring and water and spraying designs on the snow.

dockatot winter tips

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Imagine a Winter Wonderland 
When it's below freezing outside, sometimes the best answer is to just create some indoor fun. You might not have access to real woodland animals like the image above, but you can still stage a fun photo shoot inside using your little one's favorite stuffed animals or your pet rabbit or dog. The new DockATot Fairytale Collection of covers serve as an amazing centerpiece! 

What are your favorite winter activities with children? Share your ideas in the comments and remember -- only six more weeks until spring!