After years of wanting to add another child to their family, the Scott family was forever changed when they discovered they were expecting quints. With two older boys, Shayden and Landon, and now five 5 month old little babes Logan, Lily, Violet, Daisy, & Lincoln, mom Jamie and dad Skyler have truly learned the meaning of ‘it takes a village’.

Here at DockATot, we’ve been feeling all the feels, following along as they share their story on Instagram and on their vlog. With grace, humor, gratitude, and a whole lot of love, Jamie and Skyler are an inspiration and joy to watch as they navigate the journey that is their beautiful growing family.

We had the chance to catch up with the busy mama and talk about life with the quints and we can’t help but to be in complete awe of the Scott family and their miracle babies.


DOCKATOT: Let’s start at beginning! Tell us a little bit about your family.

JAMIE: I’ve always considered us a pretty normal, average family. We live in St. George, Utah. It’s the place my husband, Skyler, was born in and the place I moved when I was a young girl. I met Skyler after his sister set us up. We fell for each other fast, married within a few months, and were expecting our first baby within a few months after that. We named him Shayden. It wasn’t easy for us to get pregnant a second time, so 5 years after Shayden was born, we welcomed Landon into our family.

In terms of our interests before the quints came along, Skyler was involved in community theater for years and then in soccer as our boys became the right age for the sport.

I have always loved to dance and have taught dance on and off for years. I also adore gardening. In the years that I struggled with infertility, it was my therapy.

DOCKATOT: What's a typical day like for you?

JAMIE: The typical day involves lots of baby juggling right now. We are so fortunate to have many volunteers in our home around the clock. We do keep a pretty strict schedule at the advice of our NICU nurses. The babies eat every 3 hours in the day and every 4 hours at night. It takes us about 45 minutes to get them all fed, we have a little bit of a break, and then we do it all over again. It can be a challenge sticking to the system, but we know if we didn’t, we would be in big trouble. Our volunteers show up at the scheduled feed times, so that is one part of it that helps us stay on track.

DOCKATOT: What has it been like adjusting to life with the quints home?

JAMIE: The whole thing still pretty much blows my mind, to be honest. It’s so “one day at a time” that I’m surprised that we’re able to do this. And we’re so pleasantly surprised with how amazing people are and how so many continue to support us and cheer for us.

I think the biggest adjustment has just been having so many people in and out of our home. We absolutely adore all those helping us, but our home does feel like a Grand Central Station of sorts at times. It’s also such a challenge just to prioritize who needs me most at what time. Sometimes it can be pretty challenging to need to ask for so much help when I want to be the one to care for all of my kids’ needs.


DOCKATOT: We've tuned in to your YouTube videos - they're so wonderful & fun to watch. Your husband Skyler is hilarious! What inspired you to start vlogging?

JAMIE: Skyler has been interested in theatre since he was a teenager and it’s very much within his personality to enjoy making videos. His brother, Shaye, has a background in film and YouTube and so when we found ourselves in this amazing situation of having quintuplets he encouraged us to go for it and start going for it.

DOCKATOT: Have you seen their personalities start to shine?

JAMIE: Yes! The babies’ personalities have been so clear to us, even since they were in the womb, honestly. Our Logan is such a strong little guy. My water broke with him when I was 21.5 weeks along, and we had so many praying for him specifically, and he’s turned out just as strong as all of his siblings, which amazes me. Lily is such a sweet, sensitive little soul. Her sensitivity to the moods of people around her really reminds me of myself, honestly. Violet is just our sweet little butterball. She looks the most like Skyler and is the chubbiest of all our babies. Daisy has got some spunk in her personality. The hospital nurses called her “Crazy Daisy” because it the ultrasounds she was always spreading out and pushing her siblings away from her. Lincoln is the sweetest baby ever. He was right under my ribs during the pregnancy and never bothered me or kicked me.

DOCKATOT: We love their names! How did you choose them?

JAMIE: Early in the pregnancy before we knew the genders, I had a dream that 3 girls and 2 boys were spread out before me. I didn’t know the boys’ names, but the girls were Lily, Violet, and Daisy. At first, I wasn’t sure about the names, but when I woke up and told Skyler, and later our older boys Shayden and Landon about the names they all loved them. The boys’ names were more of a process and Skyler felt more strongly that they should be called Logan and Lincoln. “Logan” means “Little Warrior” and Lincoln reminds us of the great Abraham Lincoln, and so this was part of the reason we chose their names.

DOCKATOT: Is there a stage you're looking forward to as the quints get older? Or are you just living in the moment right now?

JAMIE: Oh gosh, this might sound odd, but I don’t know if I’ve thought that far ahead yet! I am certainly looking forward to them sleeping through the night. Every stage is so fun, though. Before they smiled, I was really looking forward to that, and now that they look at me and acknowledge me it makes me so happy.

I do think things will get super interesting once their mobile. I’m sure we’ll find ourselves with a whole new set of challenges.

With each stage, my goal is to just enjoy it as much as I can and “ride it like a wave,” as I sometimes coach myself.

DOCKATOT: In one of your videos, you mentioned how helpful your older boys have been to you - how sweet are they! How have they adjusted?

JAMIE: Our boys are such good kids. We’ve tried not to burden them with too many responsibilities, but they really have been amazing helping us feed and change the babies and just watching out for their well-being. We feel so fortunate that they are older and such caring kids. I can’t imagine going through all of this with little toddlers as older siblings.

DOCKATOT: You always look so lovely in videos and on Instagram. What's your typical mom uniform these days?

JAMIE: So sweet of you to say. Honestly, my routine is pretty simple. I am a simple gal. I have a small capsule wardrobe because too many items in my closet can make me anxious. I try to focus on wearing pieces that are comfortable and feminine, usually some bottoms with a little bit of stretch and a loose, solid top. On Sundays and fun days out, I love to wear feminine embroidered dresses and my favorite leopard flats.

DOCKATOT: What's your happy place after a long day?

JAMIE: My bed is absolutely the happiest place in the world right now. When I can get more than 2.5 hours of sleep at a time, the whole world is just a much happier place. We have amazing help that comes in so that Skyler and I can go on a date night once a week. It makes such a huge difference.

DOCKATOT: What products can you not live without right now?

JAMIE: The biggest help to us right now are products that keep our babies comfortable and safe. Our DockATots have been the perfect way for our babies to lounge around during the day. We love how portable they are and how compact they are so that we can arrange our babies close together so that they’re all in arm’s reach. I also love how cute our babies look laying in them. I nearly died when I saw the floral print Dock. It’s perfect for our baby girls. A few other products that I love are Nuby pacifiers and Dr. Brown’s bottles.

DOCKATOT: What are mom & dad's guilty pleasures at the moment?

JAMIE: Oh man, caffeine and chocolate have been keeping me going. I love Dr. Pepper and Skyler loves Dr. Pepper 10. I also love that I can go and pump every 3 or 4 hours to take a few minutes to be alone. Sometimes I can read a few pages of a book too. 

DOCKATOT: What's been the most helpful advice you've received throughout this experience?

JAMIE: There have been so many people who have said the right thing at the right time. I think the most important advice came early in the pregnancy from our doctors. Over and over they told us, “You are in need. People will want to help you, and you need to let them.” It’s a challenge accepting help sometimes, but we have learned that it can really bless others’ lives to serve us. We are humbled by this, and continue to try to find ways to pay it forward and help other in any way that we can. “It takes a village,” as they say, “to raise a family,” and that is certainly the case for our family. 


Be sure to following along with the Scott family on their Instagram and on their vlog for your daily dose of love!