Dockatot Baby Travel Bed
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The Reasons Why This Mom Won't Travel Without Her DockATot
We spoke to DockATot mom and frequent traveler Meagan Williamson about how she relies on her dock for her 17-month-old son Kieran when they're home and away. "DockATot allows families to travel without the headache of losing sleep and having a miserable time," says Meagan, who is the mom behind the lifestyle blog Row House Nest, where she chronicles life with her family. "Disrupting sleep routines and patterns is such a significant stress on new moms." With summer travel season upon us, now is the time to think about adding a DockATot to your life, to ensure that sleepless nights are not on the itinerary.

Dockatot newborn sleep tips
(Photo courtesy of Row House Nest)


What are the major benefits of traveling with your DockATot?
We have used our DockaATot on overnights to visit family, a work retreat where we stayed in a hotel and on various weekends away with friends.  It is also nice to have something from home to 'dock' your baby in while you are somewhere new (especially when you aren't sure of how clean surfaces are). 

Dockatot Travel Bag

We also heard you love the DockATot travel bag. Why? 
Due to renovations inside our home when Kieran was three months old, we had to quickly relocate to my mom's house and I was able to pack him and his things up in a matter of minutes (we also have the DockATot travel bag) by throwing his pajamas, swaddle, diapers  and DockATot into the travel bag. It was so easy and tons of extra space in there for all things sleep. It is small enough that it fits easily with our luggage. 


dockatot sleep tips
(Photo courtesy of Row House Nest)
We heard you have a funny story about DockATot. Do tell!
I have a fab story about lending a Dockatot out to a stranger actually! Before the holidays, a desperate mother posted that she was going to be visiting my town over the holidays and was panicking as she was going to be charged by her airline carrier to bring their sons beloved Dockatot Grande for two weeks. She was putting out a call to "rent" one from someone and although I don't know this particular mother, I could sympathize with the fear of traveling without something that aids your child in getting cozy. I reached out to the mom and offered to lend her our Dockatot over the holidays. She was overjoyed! They borrowed our Dockatot, had an amazing holiday and sent me a lovely card with a gift certificate and homemade cookies to thank me!
Dockatot travel tips
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