During these unsettling times, there are ways, such as yoga, walking, and talking to friends, that can help de-stress and create calm within your life, but there is also the healing energy of crystals. The idea of using crystals to help find balance, focus and calm within your life may be a new concept. To help answer your questions, we turned to Mariah K. Lyons, author and founder of ASTARA, a luxury crystalline shoe collection that integrates ancient healing practices with sustainable design to find out more on how we can use crystals to help foster wellness in our lives.

"Crystals have always been a part of my life growing up in Utah, but it wasn't until years later that I really started working with them for their energetic balancing capabilities," says Mariah. "I found that my health greatly healed through grounding and utilizing elements of the earth such as herbs and minerals to support my body. It's been incredible to watch myself heal from and reverse these autoimmune diseases and the potent healing power that the earth contains."

Here, she explains more about the healing powers of crystals, including some practical tips on how to harness them for your own wellness practice. 

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How did you find a career in wellness and discover crystals?
I was a professional dancer in my late teens into my twenties, and having grown up in classical ballet school we had Pilates classes every week, nutrition classes and even visualization/meditation classes. I've been immersed in the study of the mind/body connection for a very long time. When I stopped professionally dancing and transitioned into the world of fashion, I noticed that my health was starting to severely decline. I started to experiment with my own natural healing tools and began to research how to heal from several autoimmune diseases that were triggered in that time. 

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How can the healing powers of crystals played a role in motherhood? 
Minerals have the ability to hold a particular "tone" or vibrational frequency. And as quantum physics shows, everything in this universe is frequency and vibration. When we work with particular vibrations, they have the capability of balancing and harmonizing our own energies within our body, and this helps to create wellbeing within our energetic field and physical body. My new book Crystal Healing for Women discusses several rituals and meditations that women can do when looking to conceive and to get ready for labor. Certain stones like amethyst, jade, clear quartz and rose quartz can help to create peaceful environments within the delivery room or birth room, and other stones such as moonstone, ruby, carnelian and pearl have also been known to support conception.

I like stones such as peach moonstone, green moss agate and angelite for new mothers to keep in their pocket or on their body to help support the transition to motherhood and help the body find a new sense of balance as it changes form and structure again. 

How does your work help moms who are stressed and overwhelmed right now find balance?
So much of what I help women and moms tune into is the power and healing capability they hold within. We have everything we need within us, and sometimes it simply can be found by taking some time to really tune into the self. By finding a few moments throughout the day to find a sense of calm and center, even if that is literally 1-3 mins of deep breathing in the morning, is highly beneficial for finding presence and a sense of balance within. Moments of daily ritual can be very grounding and supportive. I have a Daily Wellness Ritual in my new book that is 5 minutes and helps to bring the body, mind and spirit back into alignment. It is easy, simple and was made for women and moms with a million things going on. It is very helpful and can be a very potent daily wellness ritual. 

I created RELAX KIT a that has been very supportive for people this year. It has stones that work in unison to create a tranquil environment and are also great in meditation.

For a mom who is not familiar with energy healing -- what are some of the most important concepts to understand and how can they get started with their own practice? 
For someone that is new to energy healing, simply understanding that everything is energy, everything is vibration and you are most likely already doing some form of energy healing in your life with your kids. It might look like giving your child a relaxing back rub before bed, or intuitively soothing your child when they are afraid or not feeling well, or even "kissing" a skinned knee when someone falls down. These are all simple and subtle, yet potent ways of transferring the intention of healing and soothing love to an individual. There is a flow of energy that is helping to balance and support the energy of your child.  

Some ways to get started with your own practice are starting with yourself and learning to become aware of your own emotions, feelings and sensations. Starting to listen to the needs of your body, your mind and your heart. Start to tune in to where you are energetically speaking and how you are feeling by taking a few minutes in the morning (before you start your day) and at the end of the day to close your eyes and simply tune into your breath. Set the timer for 3-7 minutes and just focus on your breath. Notice how your body feels, notice where your mind wanders to, notice anything that comes forward in your thoughts. And simply just become aware of yourself. You might after want to journal anything that came up or feelings/thoughts that are present.  


ASTARA shoes

Tell us about your line of shoes. What is the concept behind them?

ASTARA was born out the desire to create a shoe that would keep the body connected to the healing frequency of the earth, but while still wearing a shoe. There is a grounding component that is embedded in the sole of the shoe that resonates at 7.83hz, which is the same frequency of the earth. This has been shown in many studies to help balance the body and help reduce inflammation and imbalances. Each shoes also has a different crystal as well for specific intentionality and purpose. I wanted my customers to feel empowered, grounded and centered when they wear their ASTARA's and head out into the world as they walk and step with intention. 

How has the healing powers of crystals helped you personally?
Well for me personally, ruby has completely helped regulate and balance my menstrual cycles leading up to motherhood. I've found stones to be the most supportive to women in helping to alleviate anxiety leading up to birth as well as helping to calm and soothe nerves of new mothers. I have many clients and friends that swear by rose quartz, green moss agate, lepidolite and angelite that helped to ground and calm during postpartum. Children are extremely sensitive to energy when they are little and are oftentimes very drawn to crystals. They are able to feel the subtle vibrations and oftentimes simply like to hold minerals or have crystals in their rooms. Crystals in children's room can also help support sleep and creating a peaceful environment. 


You can pre-order Mariah's book Crystal Healing for Women: A Modern Guide to the Power of Crystals for Renewed Energy, Strength, and Wellness now.