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Find out how this amazing mom-to-be used her workouts to help fight nausea during pregnancy and why dancing uplifts her mood every time!

At the top of everyone’s new year’s resolution list is always “to get in better shape.” But what about when you add a baby bump into that equation? We spoke to the celebrity fitness trainer—and mom-to-be—Amanda Kloots about her tips on how to stay in shape and feel good during pregnancy. Plus – details about her new at-home video workout created for moms to be!

How many years have you been dancing for?
I started dancing when I was 10-years-old. I danced professionally for 17 years in Broadway shows and with the Radio City Rockettes.  

How has your exercise routine changed since becoming pregnant?
So far, I haven't changed a thing!  During the first trimester you can continue what you have been doing, what your body is used to! Other than fighting nausea and exhaustion during the first trimester, I have trained right through as I did before pregnancy. I found that working out really helped me when I wasn't feeling great.  It got my body moving and I forgot that I felt sick!  I am early into my second trimester now so there are small modifications I am incorporating.  

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How does staying active contribute to your overall health and wellbeing as a mom-to-be?
Giving birth is the most physical event that your body will ever go through—you will literally use every muscle in your body so you have to keep strong!  Then, if you prepared your body before your baby, your body will be ready for being a mom. Strong arms, back, legs, and glutes to help you lift and carry the things that you've never lifted and carried before.

Have you had to follow any restrictions to your routines during pregnancy?
Not yet! My doctor and I believe that if you ran marathons before pregnancy you can run them while you are pregnant. You just can't start a new exercise that your body isn't used to.  I just started my second trimester though and some modifications will start to take place.  It's important to keep my head elevated above my heart to reduce pressure on my belly and I have to stop twisting and doing some ab work. Women always worry about not being able to do abs, but don't forget that the goal in pregnancy is not to have a six pack, haha!  You want to focus on your transverse abdominal muscles and your pelvic floor.

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Has dancing/working out helped with any of your pregnancy ailments? Absolutely!  There were nights that I was on the couch and I didn't know how I was going to get up, get to my studio to teach and then teach two classes. The thought alone was exhausting. I would be walking to work thinking, "I don't know how I am going to teach right now!"  Then I would get there, turn the music on, start moving and all of a sudden, I had energy and forgot that I was tired and nauseous. Mind over matter! Women and our bodies are AMAZING! 

How do you plan to stay active with a newborn around?
I love an at-home workout and I love jumping rope wherever and whenever I can!  Jumping rope for just ten minutes tones your entire body and burn 150 calories.

Favorite moves you can quickly do at home to sneak in a workout?
For pregnant moms: 12 squats, 12 side tilts to the right working your side abs to the right, 12 squats, 12 side tilts to the left, 12 jumping jacks.  Repeat this four times through!

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Best mom to be advice you have on incorporating wellness into your pregnancy routine?
Try to get sleep during your pregnancy!  That baby inside you is growing and your body is working overtime. Get to bed early and take naps during the day if you need to recharge.  Chances are you'll be sleep deprived once your baby arrives so get it in now! 

Tell us about your videos--how can moms at home work out with you?
I am so excited about my AK! Baby Bump workout videos! My first one, AK! Baby Bump 1st Trimester will come out in January. What I love about these videos is that I am in them, filming them, in real time. I filmed that 1st Trimester at 8 weeks pregnant.  Each video is an amazing full body workout in 40 minutes that uses little to no equipment so you can easily do everything at home! 

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