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For a little male perspective on social distancing, we spoke to musician / real estate agent / lifestyle blogger Christophe Keyes (@christophekeyes) about how he's managing his time at home with his family. Here, he talks to us about what it's like to balance two young daughters while working at home, plus how he plans on spoiling his wife this Mother's Day. 

What does a typical day look like for you right now? 
We wake up every morning and Dolly (aka Grandma) makes strawberry waffles and we eat together as a family. Then we kind of goof off, watch TV, play games, I retreat to handle emails and phone calls and go spend a solid hour working on learning Spanish and Mandarin. After we have had some goof off time we get a snack and hit the books. Kennedy's school has provided online course work that she has to accomplish. We then work on sight words and play educational games on the iPad provided by OSMO, which is super fun and teaches Kennedy how to count with money, draw, make shapes, learn colors, work on hand eye coordination and a plethora of other things.


Christophe Keyes

After that we goof off some more probably go for a scooter or bike ride, play hide and go seek around the house. Eat (of course!) then we knock out some projects around the house. Currently we have shelves to build, rooms to paint and some organizing to get through. We have dinner, watch a movie or play some board games, goof off on our own until we fall apart and crash. 

How are you handling working from home with your whole family now at home with you?
I unfortunately am going to give bad advice for this. Since I always work from home I have mastered an altered poly phasic sleep schedule, where I sleep about 3-4 hours at night and take two naps. One in the afternoon the other around 9pm. I go to bed extremely late and wake up pretty early so I can have time to get most things done while every one is asleep so that I can spend quality time with the family during the day. I have an hour set in the middle of the day where no one bothers me so I can get to pressing emails for work and collaborations. Everything else is done after midnight and before 9am.  

Christophe Keyes dockatot

What have you been doing for entertainment at home?
We have been staying quite busy. We have been kicking it old school with Monopoly, Monopoly Jr., Go Fish, Soggy Doggy, Kerplunk, Candyland and a ton of other board games. Painting is a big part of everyday life, some iPad games like the lot from OSMO which are fun and educational. Watching movies making fresh homemade popcorn and the occasional vegging out. 

Favorite evening activities at home?
Cooking, setting the table for a sit down dinner at home with the whole family candlelight included. Also a good movie or two is always in order. 

Christophe Keyes

What are you planning for Mother's Day?
I am working with a company called Access79. You take a style quiz online and they curate a look book for you based off the answers you presented. They then send you three pieces for your wife, girlfriend, baby mama, mom or whoever it may be. You then choose which one you want to keep you send the rest back. So mama is going to expand her jewelry collection yet again this Mother's Day! Of course we will get creative with cards, and brunch and hang at home. 

What do you hope to gain out of this disruption to your daily life? 
No matter how disruptive things in life can be, there is always a blessing. We just have to learn to look for it. While monetarily it has been a little tough, payments are coming in late and some of my clients want to hold off on selling their home, it has given me plenty of time to catch up on sleep, reading, learning new languages, working more closely with my kid and her studies, and catching up on all the shows I have wanted to watch. Since I do not have as many things pressing, it's easier to tend to my clients but also have no major schedule. So forcing myself to stay busy on other things than work and collaborations has been a huge blessing to expand my mind and my business. I think while things might be crazy if we make the best of it it will make us better. 


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