dockatot toy loop

Know Your DockATot: How to Use the Toy Arch
The DockATot Mobile Toy Arch has been a fan favorite for all of our dock families! We love seeing happy babies completely content in their docks while playing with the cool, crinkly dangling toys . We’ve received some questions on exactly how to insert the toy arch into the Deluxe + DockATot, which is compatible with the toy arch. Here, in three easy steps, is how to use your DockATot Toy Arch.


Dockatot toy loop

Step 1: If you just received your toy arch, carefully remove it from its plastic wrapping. Remember it’s spring-loaded, which means it will release very quickly when freed from the wrap. Squeeze the arch together and the plastic wrap should slip off easily.


Dockatot Toy Arch

Step 2: Now you’re ready to insert the arch into your DockATot+. Do this by slipping the arch through the upper loops on each side of the tube then hook it through the bottom loops on the pad as pictured above. There are two loops on each side of the Dock, and it’s essential to insert the toy arch into BOTH sides of the Dock and BOTH loops on each side. Not attaching to both loops on both sides can cause the bar to become unstable.


dockatot cloud friends

Step 3: Attach your choice of fun toys – Fuzzy Pals, Cloud Friends or Cheeky Chums—to the arch. Sit back and watch your little one have some fun!