dockatot backyard ideas

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The summer of 2020's hottest getaway destination? Your backyard. A staycation will be the safest and easiest way to enjoy your down time while socially distancing this summer with the family. Since you'll be spending a lot of quality time at home, it's time to get creative and up your backyard game. You don't necessarily need to invest in a big ticket item either. Here's our list of quick, easy and affordable ways to transform your backyard into a makeshift play land for the little ones.

Dockatot Backyard Fun

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1. Give your kids' toys a backyard "carwash" and hose them down after sudsing them up with soap. This kills two birds with one stone: The toys get clean and the kids have fun! 

outdoor chalkboard DIY

(Photo courtesy of Hey There Home)

2. Build an outdoor chalkboard. We love this idea from Hey There Home. The tutorial is not too hard to follow, plus chalkboard paint is always a good idea! 

3. Host a campout in your backyard. Pitch a tent and bring the sleeping bags. You can go glamping and load up your tent with comfy pillows and gourmet snacks. The kids will love the chance to sleep outdoors. The best part is, you can go inside anytime for a bathroom break. 

4. Freeze some of their smaller toys into ice blocks and let the kids excavate them using a plastic tool set. 

5. Go on a rock hunt in your backyard then paint your favorite stones using acrylic paint. From superheroes and rainbows to letters and numbers, there are tons of fun ideas online on how to paint them. Now you can either sprinkle them back around your yard or pile them on the porch.

6. Host an outdoor art gallery. Hang up the paintings and artwork your child created during the school year using a line and clothespins or just displaying them on your fence. You could even invite grandparents and friends over for a socially distanced gallery tour. 

Outdoor Art Studio

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7. Create your own outdoor art studio. Get inspiration from Fun Littles on how to upcycle a cardboard box into a mini outdoor art studio. 

Water Blob

(Photo courtesy of Heather's Handmade Life) 

8. Create a homemade water blob. What's a water blob you ask? It's like a huge pillow filled with cool water for little ones to jump and play on outside. It's fun and keeps you cool at the same time. Check out this easy DIY on Heather's Handmade Life

9. Pool noodles provide hours of fun even outside of the pool. Cut them in half and they become racetracks for toy cars; duct tape the ends together to create rings and use them for a game of human ring toss; create an obstacle course with a bunch of rings laid out on the lawn. The options are endless!

10. Play a game of hide and seek in the backyard. Bring your indoor chairs outside to make barriers for kids to hide behind. If it's dark out, have the kids wear glow sticks so they're easier to find. 

11. Find two trees in your yard and attach a slackline for the little ones to practice their balancing. 

12. Two words: Water balloons. It's amazing how much fun a good old fashioned water balloon fight can be. 

Dockatot Summer Backyard Ideas

13. Set down a picnic blanket, bring your baby and your DockATot (with a protective Cabana Kit to shield your little one from the elements) and just relax.

Outdoor movie theater

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14. Set up a backyard movie theater. You'll need a projector for this one, but it will be well worth the investment. You can even invite friends to come watch a favorite flick six feet away outside.

Skateboard Swing DIY

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15. Take that old skateboard you're not using anymore and transform it into a swing. Kids won't complain about not having a swingset anymore. Get the DIY from Little Bit Funky.