So, you’re organizing a baby shower. Not to worry, we’ve have your back. Moms(to-be) are our specialty. Noobie Box offers gift boxes for pregnant and new moms and has a nose for their needs. You haven’t lived under a rock and the world has Google, Pinterest and Etsy now, so we trust you with the basics but…

…here’s how you turn basic into BOOM:

  1. Grab your party organizer (notebook, smartphone, laptop, whatever) and write down: MOM. Yes, in caps. Underscore it. Take it from here: let MOM be your starting point and you’re golden.
  2. Find a co-host or even a group of hosts so you can divide tasks. More brains, less burden. BOOM.
  3. Avoid morning sickness and Labor Ward: pick a date around 2 to 3 months before your momma is due. It’s embarrassing if she’s constantly leaving your shower to hug the toilet. Don’t embarrass MOM. Also, you want her belly to be showing but not popping.
  4. Don’t smear candy bars in diapers. Nobody likes to pretend to smell poo. It’s gross. In fact, we’d encourage you to gutter games entirely. At our Baby Shower Hotline we get tons of complaints about boring, predictable shower games (yes, Baby Bingo). Find an original activity.
  5. About predictability: Ditch the diaper cake. Did you know there are diaper sushi rolls, golf cars and bikes? For an attentive way to give diapers, washcloths, rattles, and what not: go the extra mile for a BOOM and let your alternative cake reflect your honoree’s personality.

  1. Hand out party favors: according to Noobie Box’s mom database no goodie bags is like Bambi dying. It’s horrible and you’ll never forget it. Baby-themed sugar cookies are an all-time fave. It might be basic, but allegedly it has enough BOOM. We’re thinking it’s the sugar bomb.
  2. Never tell horror birth stories (no never, not ever). Don’t freak out MOM. She is prepping in her own time and way for the big day. Leave her to it.
  3. Make sure must-haves are on the registry. For a first-time parent it’s overwhelming to figure out what they need: other moms to the rescue. Advise her on helpful items like hygienic diaper pails, supporting nursing pillows and, of course, the multi-functional Dock-A-Tot.
  4. Don’t go off-registry with the baby gear: momma wants to parade down the street with a stroller of her style and consulted experts (other moms) on car seats. It’s dangerous territory to go off-road here.
  5. Show MOM your support with a Year of Wonders by Noobie Box. Mom’s life is changing like crazy. The minute she thinks she’s got it figured out, her baby does something new. With the “Year of Wonders” subscription, mama will receive  4 Milestone Boxes for Baby’s First Year. The unique gift boxes each contain 5 products for every developmental stage: Noobie Nest (0+ months), Noobie Eat (4+ months), Noobie Play (7+ months) and Noobie One (10+ months).

Now, go forth with your party planner and make that glowing mama’s baby shower dreams come true!

Have any other other success tips to share? Comment below!