When DockATot founder Lisa Furuland first came up with the idea for the DockATot, it was to solve her own problem of how to co-sleep safely and comfortably in her bed with her children. When her first child was born and she was unable to find the perfect lounging product to fit their needs.

“When my son Ilias was born in 2006, I searched unsuccessfully for an alternative to the blanket, the cot, and the baby lounger,” she says. “I craved something more snug and at the same time more versatile.”

She wanted to create a high-quality product that was as beautiful as it was functional, a lounger that she would have 100% confidence in using with her own children. It turns out she wasn’t alone - the DockATot Deluxe+, our Stage I dock for ages approximately 0-8 months was an instant hit. It wasn’t long after that the idea for the Grand dock came along.

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The Grand dock is the Stage II DockATot, designed for little ones 9-36 months. The Grand was created to provide a comfortable place for growing tots to lounge, rest, play, and sleep, much like the Deluxe+. However there are a few differences between Deluxe+ and Grand and how they should be used.

Here are some of some of the features and benefits of the DockATot Grand, and some tips on how to use it safely and properly:

Our multitasking stage 2 dock for babies age 9–36 months, the Grand is perfect for cuddling, playing, lounging, resting and everything in between. It’s ideal for travel—either from room to room, grandma’s house or on vacation. It’s also ideal for bed transitioning, thanks to built-in sides that allow young children to settle more easily in a bigger bed. The DockATot Grand gives little ones a snug sense of security in their newer, bigger beds.

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Like the Deluxe+ dock, all materials used for the Grand are washable. All filling materials are sourced from world-leading suppliers and offer hygienic and non-toxic properties. It is designed with love in Sweden and made in Europe

How to Use the Grand dock

The Grand should only be used for little ones approximately 9 months or older. It should never be used with newborns. The Deluxe+ was designed to be snug, creating for newborns a sense of being held, reinventing the womb. The Grand is much larger and therefore will not provide this comforting sense of security and snugness for newborns.

Grand docks should only be used in a child-safe environment. They should always be placed on a surface from which a child can easily and safely descend on their own. It is important that the Grand dock never be used on a heightened surface from which a child cannot descend alone.

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A Recent Update to the Grand Dock

One of the differences between the Deluxe+ and the Grand is that, unlike the smaller size Deluxe+, the Grand no longer has buckles to secure the tube ends together. Based on parent feedback, we recently updated the Grand by eliminating the buckles from the design to improve usability of the dock for little ones.

Previously, we have always advised that the Grand be used with the buckles open, in order to make it easier for a child to enter and exit the pod, and that the buckles were only to be used during transportation and storage. We have realized that many customers did not find the clips useful and, as such, have removed them. If you have an older model of the Grand with buckles, you should always keep the buckles open while in use.