Dockatot holidays

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Whether you're searching for one of your new mom friends or your sister has been bugging you about what you want this year, finding a last minute gift is par for the course during the holidays. When gifting the moms on your list, remember that sometimes the best thing you can offer them is something from the heart. It can be just the thing to make a stressed out mom happy this holiday season--and when in doubt, cookies are never a bad idea either. Here, our favorite last minute gift ideas for the moms on your list. 

Dockatot holiday gifting

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Offer free babysitting
Every new mama could use a few hours to herself--or a date night out with her honey. Gift your mom friend some freedom by giving her a block of your time to watch her little ones. Top it off with a gift certificate for a mani pedi or treat her and dad to dinner at their local haunt. You might just win her "favorite friend" award.

Dockatot holidays

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Gift card for her favorite coffee place
Motherhood is fueled by loads of caffeine. Chances are your new mom friend is on a first name basis with the barista in her beloved coffee house. Surprise her with a gift card there and she'll be forever thankful. Better yet, pair the gift card with a cool thermos or to-go coffee mug so she can sip along the way to preschool drop-off and always have a hot cuppa ready to go. 


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Gift wrapping supplies for next year
This may sound like a counterintuitive gift idea, but giving your friend a beautiful selection of gift wrapping goodies will be a lifesaver next year at this time. Create a gift basket full of labels, ribbons, stickers and gorgeous gift wrap. You can make them non-holiday specific and she can use these goodies all year round to make her gift giving times a heck of a lot easier--and prettier. 


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Changeable letter boards
Instagram is flooded with adorable and hilarious images of families using these cool looking letter boards. One thing you can be sure your new mom friend is doing is taking a lot of photos! Get her a changeable letter board and she can go crazy with funny captions and memorable sayings to put a more personal touch on all of her pictures. 


Dockatot new covers

DockATot gift card
If you really want to see your new mom friend smile, surprise her with a gift card from DockATot. She can put it towards a new dock or use it to purchase a cover from our new Fairytale collection--or any new cover her heart desires. Our gift cards are delivered by email--so they're perfect for last minute gifting. They're super easy to use and come with no additional processing fees.

Happy Holidays from our families to yours!