Cristina Bocanegra is an Austin-based wardrobe stylist and the creator of Love Child, a digital publication for the modern parent who seeks relevant lifestyle content and daily inspiration. Love Child shares topics covering wellness, style, living and stories for any person stopping by to get inspired. 

The idea for Love Child came to her while one-month pregnant. Unable to find information that was relevant to her pre-motherhood lifestyle (and reassurance that she could maintain aspects post-motherhood), she decided to create the place. What started as a place to share her personal experiences and stories as she navigated first-time motherhood, quickly grew to a place of both inspiration and aspiration for not only mothers but modern families.

We connected with Cristina to get her take on style for mama and baby!

One thing I learned early on in motherhood is to keep things simple, especially when it comes to style. This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice feeling confident and put together, but with a few simple tips, there are a few ways to make dressing yourself and baby both effortless and chic. 

Five Tips for Dressing Mama

1. Comfort is Key

Maternity wear not only felt softer on my body, but it's so functional. I didn't have to worry about stretching my existing wardrobe to fit my growing bump or feel the frustration as I searched my closet for something that fit. I purchased a few maternity jersey knit dresses I could layer under long vests and long sweaters, two pair of jeans, and my personal favorite, tank tops from Target that I wore before, during and after baby. 

2. Accessorize

If you feel like you are wearing the same 5 pieces throughout your pregnancy like I did, change it up by accessorizing. I was gifted a belly chain from Kendra Scott and I loved wearing it over a simple black dress. It was unexpected and always a conversation starter. I rotated between a few hats, long necklaces, and bandanas, and never got bored with the few maternity pieces I had purchased.

Photo: @jamiray

3. Go for Durability 

Think of your favorite pieces of clothing and ask yourself if they can survive a storm. A storm of spit up and purees, that is. If the answer is no, keep them hanging safely in your closet until this stage passes. Although it may be tempting as items from your wardrobe begin to fit in your days post partum, now is not the time to wear those vintage, one of a kind pieces. Instead, opt for the pieces that are durable, machine washable and can ace the spit up test. 

Photo:  @taylorwalkerfit

4. Keep it Simple

Button up dresses and sneakers will be your best friend. Between juggling an infant carrier, diaper bag, and sometimes a squirmy toddler, I found myself most comfortable in dresses, jeans and sneakers, depending on the time of year. Call it the mom uniform if you will, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. I took it as an excuse to buy fun sneakers, the softest sweaters, and never felt guilty about my obesssion with Madewell jeans because of how often I wore them. 

Photo: @fashionveggie

5. Keep To One Color Palette

Keeping your pre and postpartum wardrobe within a color palette takes the guessing game out of getting dressed. My dresses match my hats which matches my shoes and my jewelry. Looking put together doesn't have to be stressful with the right pieces and color palette.

Five Tips for Dressing New Baby

1. Zippers Are Your New Best Friend

I quickly learned with my first baby that onesies with zippers are the only way! Outfits with snaps and buttons may be cuter but you'll thank me during those middle of night diaper changes you do with sleep-deprived eyes. 

2. Keep It Soft 

I love a pair of baby jeans as much as the next mama, but I took some advice from a friend and made sure to buy any outfits I really loved for later months. Newborns are so new and with such delicate skin, I only wanted to put the softest, most natural fabrics on that brand new baby skin. This meant a lot of pajamas and onesies for the first few months. 

3. When To Splurge 

Splurge on the going home outfit. You will take so many photos that day but more importantly, it's a tiny piece of history that you (or your child) can eventually pass down to the next generation. 

4. Accessorize

Avoid any baby clothes you would mind having to toss! This goes for expensive outfits, heirloom pieces and swaddle blankets. Babies grow but some stains are forever. Instead, opt for sweet accessories like monogrammed beanies and leather moccasins that typically remain stain-free during those first few months.

Photo: @britt.kav

5. Play Dress Up

All this to say, have fun playing dress up! As I'm learning with my two year old, they start to figure out what pieces of clothing they like to wear. Enjoy the first couple of years that you can dress them how you like without protest, even if that means matching family overalls...guilty. 


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