Dockatot baby naptime tips

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Me-Time Tips: How to Maximize Your Time During Baby’s Naptime

Many new parents take this opportunity to snooze right alongside their little ones—especially when baby is tucked away safely nearby in their DockATot. For those of you who want to maximize your baby’s naptime and use those precious moments to knock things off your to-do list or simply just Zen out, here are some of our favorite me-time activities. 

  • Make dinner for the next couple of nights and then put it in the fridge. This is a super-productive way to spend your baby’s naptime. You can even keep an eye on your little one when you’re in the kitchen if they’re snoozing in their DockATot. Just imagine how happy you’ll be when it’s time to start dinner prep and you’re in the middle of a cluster feeding frenzy and haven’t even taken a shower yet and you realize dinner only needs to be popped in the oven!
  • Check your emails and respond to those unanswered messages from weeks ago. Write your college roommate back or your aunt who checked in on you when the baby was born. Keeping in touch with friends and family can keep you sane and also won’t make them feel like you’ve forgotten about them.
  • Finally get back to writing those thank you notes from your baby shower—especially to the amazing crew that went in on your DockATot Deluxe+ together! Even though your friends may not be waiting at the mailbox to receive your thank you, the guilt of now writing them can eat away at you.

    Dockatot Baby Nap Time Tips

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  • Sneak in a workout. In this connected age, you can stream everything from Pilates and yoga to spin classes online. Being homebound during naptime doesn’t mean you can’t get in a sweat sesh. Some of our favorite online fitness classes can be found on YogaGlo which offers both yoga classes and meditation sessions), Beach Body on Demand and Ballet Beautiful. DockATot is lightweight and easy to bring with you into your workout area so you can watch your little one sleep while you’re in downward dog.
  • Give yourself a naptime makeover. Apply a sheet mask, give yourself a manicure or do a hair mask. Your baby will wake up rested and you’ll look and feel just a wee bit prettier.
  • Organize your closet. Sort the items that don’t fit quite yet and put them in the back of the closet or store them for later. Don’t let your pre-baby clothes taunt you.
  • Order some photos. Thanks to the ease of digital photos, new parents snap hundreds of pics that just remain on their phones. Upload a few batches on Shutterfly and compile a photo book or two. Use some of your favorite pics to create calendars for the grandparents—they make excellent holiday gifts!

dockatot baby sleep tips

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Of course, getting your little one down for nap in the first place is key to this whole thing. Trust the DockATot+ to lull your little into a peaceful naptime. The DockATot + mimics the womb and offers a safe and comfy spot that eases babies into sleep—so you can get your stuff done.

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