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Meet the Print Designer: Matthew Langille

Photo c/o Matthew.

Matthew Langille is a NYC based artist and the designer behind our Cheeky Chums and Fuzzy Pals toy arch toys. His work has been shown at galleries around the world and featured in numerous publications. He has created images for many global fashion + design houses including Marc Jacobs, Adidas and Swatch.

We caught up with Matthew for a mini interview and chatted about how he got started, some of his biggest career moments, as well as the little things that have inspired him along the way.


DOCKATOT: Tell us how you got started as a designer.
MATTHEW: I began working in fashion when certain designers took note of my childish drawings. I was lucky enough to spend time alongside Norma Kamali and Kay Unger in a short span of time and with them and others I began to learn what the fashion business I had fallen into involved.

DOCKATOT: Did you always know you wanted to be an artist?
MATTHEW: I wanted to be an artist from a young age. I was a glassblower at age eleven and ceramicist. I studied that until I switched my focus years later at the New York State college of Art and Design at Alfred University.

DOCKATOT: What has been your proudest accomplishment? 
MATTHEW: My proudest accomplishment was working with Swatch watch to create four artist collection watches. Having my artwork on billboards around the globe and signing autographs was a trip.

Matthew's watch designs for Swatch, featured in Times Square. Photo c/o Matthew.

DOCKATOT: Where do you get inspiration?
MATTHEW: I get it from all sorts of things. From old influences in art and pop culture like Dr. Seuss or Shel Silverstein, Tim Burton or Charles Schulz, from little toys to flea markets... Inspiration is out there and I take it into my house with me. I live amongst things that make me happy. My wife says I hoard - haha!

DOCKATOT: How do you get in the creative mindset to start a new project?
MATTHEW: Sometimes it takes a bit to get inspired. Sometimes the client is so clear on what they want it works super easy and fast - like working with Lisa [the founder of DockATot]. It just worked - and worked great.

Our Toy Arch with "Cheeky Chums" toys, designed by Matthew. Photo c/o Dockatot.

DOCKATOT: What materials do you like to work with?
MATTHEW: My go-to materials are pens markers and crayons. 

DOCKATOT: What was the inspiration behind the 'fuzzy pals' and 'cheeky chums' toys?
MATTHEW: I'm super into my fuzzy characters. They make me happy. I imagine them as 3D characters, or in movies.

Top: Fuzzy Pals toys; Bottom: Cheeky Chums toys. Photo c/o DockATot.

DOCKATOT: What are you personal design aesthetics?
MATTHEW: I love red black and white. All together. My home is filled with pop art, artwork, old books, collections of things like Smurf or Mickey Mouse ephemera.

Photos c/o Matthew.

DOCKATOT: What are some of your parenting must haves right now?
MATTHEW: Babysitters, haha!

DOCKATOT: Tell us about your son.
MATTHEW: I have one boy William. He's six years old and just entered first grade. He's a gracious and adorably sweet and fun young boy. He inspires me everyday. I get amazed at how easy it is for him to express himself creatively.


  • Lives in: a house

  • Go-to snack for dad: Mozzarella

  • Go-to snack for kids: sugar

  • Sign: Taurus
Guilty Pleasure: Booze

  • Favorite place to visit: Caribbean

  • Dying to go to: Australia

  • Can’t stand:  Verizon.
  • Favorite movie: tough one. So many. Not to be creepy but Silence of the Lambs is up there. Along with Shawshank Redemption
  • Favorite book: Yurtle The Turtle. The Giving Tree.

  • Style design tip: Interior - live with what you love around you. Fashion - if you're gonna wear athletic wear make sure you dress appropriately. Haha!

  • Most prized possession: My son.
When there’s no wifi, I... freak out.

  • Mantra: one day at a time.

Follow Matthew on Instagram at @matthewlangille!

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