Malin & Anna, are the creatives and visionaries behind the Swedish brand agency, Mrs. Mighetto and the print designers who brought to life our “Lovely Day”, “Night Night”, and newest “Le Cirque” DockATot prints.

We had the chance to pick their brains and talk about how they got started, and what keeps them going!


DOCKATOT: Tell us how you got started with Mrs. Mighetto. 
ANNA & MALIN: We thought about the concept for a long time. In the beginning, we thought a lot about small (really unimportant) details. Then we started making strides, focusing on the agency as an evening hobby. When we started, we both had wonderful day jobs and we had absolutely no intention to stop working.

We printed a small limited edition of posters that we sold through a nice but very analogous website. We made connections with great people in our network that wrote about us and spread the word of our work. And we simply took mail orders, sent invoices, checked the payments and went to the post office with every single poster that we packed in a lovely (and very time consuming) way. We were taken by storm and sold out the entire collection in less than 10 days.

DOCKATOT: Did you always know you wanted to be artists?
ANNA & MALIN: Malin had always known. She had been drawing since she was a child and never had a thought of doing anything else. She is the most commercial artist I know.

DOCKATOT: Where do you get inspiration?
ANNA & MALIN: Travel, people, internet (Pinterest, blogs, magazines), photo art, fashion, books, movies... life!

We have found a chemistry where we complement each other extremely well. We take our different inspiration sources and mix it. In the end, we usually have something beautiful.

DOCKATOT: How do you get in the creative mindset to start a new project?
ANNA & MALIN: We have no set time for this. We are two people who are involved in everything in this company and the various tasks are flowing together. We usually leave the office when the administrative time takes too much over.

DOCKATOT: What was one of the most unique projects you worked on?
ANNA & MALIN: All our collections are very special to us .. they are extremely carefully chosen and the motives are, after the selection process, as our little babies. We have made extremely few partnerships, so they feel very unique to us.  Our collaboration with DockATot has given us a great deal of spread, giving our brand more exposure. It has resulted in such fine textile products which we would not have been able to produce ourselves.

DOCKATOT: What was the inspiration behind "Le Cirque" print?
ANNA & MALIN: Both of us are nerds in everything that is mysterious and from the history of the saga. We read a lot of youth books, children's books and watching fantasy movies (Harry Potter, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Everything from Laika Studio, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Song of the Sea, Tim Burton ...)

Cicrus's theme has stood on our wish list from the very beginning, but we needed to find our form, our mystery, our tone. Circus landed in abandoned figures with magical gifts that found their home in the magic circus. It contained a nice little saga and became a highly appreciated print.

DOCKATOT: What are some of your mommy must haves right now?
ANNA & MALIN: We have older children, 5-9 years old. But still the big bags are needed. It feels like you ARE the logistic partner for hats, sunglasses, phones, extra socks, chewing gum, small wallets and everything....


  • Lives in: A house in Stockholm. Next door to Malin.
  • Go-to snack for mama: Mint Chocolate
  • Go-to snack for kids: Cashew nuts
  • Sign: Capricornus
  • Guilty Pleasure: HBO and Netflix
  • Favorite place to visit: New York
  • Dying to go to: Marrakech
  • Default nail color: Red
  • Last date night: was in Paris this fall
  • Can’t stand: Badly cooked dishes, I'm a food snob
  • Favorite movie: Seven (I have never cried so many times over and over again to one movie)
  • Favorite book: Tuesdays With Morrie
  • Interior Design Default tip: Embrace what you like
  • Go-To Outfit: White skirt and jeans
  • Most prized possession: my cameras
  • When there’s no wifi... I do yoga (breathing helps against withdrawal)
  • Style Icon: Caroline De Maigret‎
  • Mantra: Good enough... (and now, let’s move on)


  • Lives in: A house in Stockholm. Next door to Anna.
  • Go-to snack for mama: Mint chocolate, always...
  • Go-to snack for kids: Ritz cookie
  • Sign: Taurus
  • Guilty Pleasure: SKAM (Norwegian drama)
  • Favorite place to visit: Stabel
  • Dying to go to: Tokyo
  • Default nail color: Natural
  • Last date night: Boat trip and a party
  • Can’t stand: Latino music
  • Favorite movie: Song of the Sea
  • Favorite book: The shadow of the Wind
  • Interior Design Default tip: Go to Pinterest and find your inspiration and style
  • Go-To Outfit: High waist jeans and a tee
  • Most prized possession: Art brushes
  • When there’s no wifi… I read or draw.
  • Style Icon: Laleh
  • Mantra: Keep it simple.

Photos courtesy of Mrs. Mighetto unless otherwise stated.