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Mom Hacks With DockATot


(Photo courtesy of @a_whitehydrangea)

It's almost Mother's Day, which means the day we moms hopefully get to sleep in, get served breakfast in bed and basically don't have to lift a finger for 24 hours is upon us. While we can reserve Mother's Day to get waited on, it's the other 364 days we have to strategically juggle tons of responsibilities, like cooking, cleaning, prepping the house for company, and all the while still trying to sneak in putting our makeup on. For some serious inspo, we turned to all of the amazing multitasking DockATot mamas out there to see how they manage to do it all--with the help of their multifunctional docks, of course!


(Photo courtesy of @court_housley)

Primping with DockATot
Getting mascara on while trying to wrangle a fussy baby is just asking for trouble. Smart moms like Courtney Housley (above) know to place baby down in their comfy DockATot Deluxe if they want to apply eye makeup without looking like a raccoon.  


(Photo courtesy of @emilyforbesjenkin)

Showering with DockATot
Sometimes all a new mom really needs is a shower! Take it from dock mom Emily who used her DockATot to keep her son Quinn safe and comfy while she snuck in a shower. She says: "My Sunday morning shower scene. I washed my hair and shaved my legs while drinking my coffee (in the shower - anyone else do that?) while Quinn enjoyed the heated floors and steam therapy. Our morning is off to a good start, a clean mummy is a happy mummy. It's the little things these days." 



(Photo courtesy of @chelseanorton)

Cooking with DockATot
Mastering the art of French cooking--or just boiling water for pasta--is so much easier when you've got your DockATot handy! 


(Photo courtesy of @pursuingpie

Moving Day with DockATot 

There's no better spot to dock your littles when you've got tons of boxes to unpack than their DockATots! Dock mom Kendall Hancock relied on her two docks for moving day so her twins could relax somewhere comfy when there was no furniture in the house. 

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Cherrie Potter
Cherrie Potter

May 13, 2017

I’m so excited purchase this for my grandson who is coming August 8 this should be an amazing addition for a new mom

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