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Fit Tips for Moms
Summertime means less clothing, which also means you have fewer layers to hide under. But before you try and figure out how the heck you’re going to squeeze a workout into your schedule, don’t worry. Getting in shape for summer doesn’t have to translate into hours spent at the gym. “Working out should be less about 'getting our body back' and a lot more about doing something for you, to make you feel good. Some days you crush your workouts and yes, some days mom needs a nap instead of a workout. Do your best and forget the rest!” says DockATot mom and fitness expert Lindsey Bomgren of Nourish Move Love (pictured above).  We got a chance to talk to Lindsey about how she weaves a workout routine into her busy mom life, and get some more healthy tips to get you through the summer with your littles.

Now that it's finally summertime, what are your fave ways to get in some exercise outdoors with baby in a stroller?
Yes, I love outdoor workouts and outdoor stroller runs. I do this 30 Minute Run + Tone Stroller Workout often. I also love taking my barre workouts outdoors as your stroller can double as a 'barre' -- like this Barre Buns + Thighs Workout -- just replace the chair with a stroller! That said, as my son gets older (he’s 15 months old) he gets more antsy in the stroller, so we are currently going for one-mile runs, then I head to the local park where he swings and plays while I do some resistance band work or bench moves at the park.

Dockatot fitness tips for moms

Ok, baby is napping -- you only have an hour to squeeze in everything on your to-do list. What is a great 15-20 minute routine that actually makes you feel like you got in a full workout?
Yes! I am all about short, effective workouts! In fact, most of the workouts on my blog are 20 minute workouts! My personal favorite is a strength + HIIT combo workout -- this is my Go-To At-Home Strength + HIIT Workout (it's 24 minutes, but you can always scale it back to 15-20 minutes because it's intense)! But if you're more into Barre Workouts, try this 20-Minute Cardio Barre Home Workout! If you want low impact, but high intensity yoga try this 20-Minute Bodyweight Beginner HIIT Cardio Yoga Workout! And if you're pregnant I've got you covered too with this 10 Minute Mommy Bodyweight Workout!

You have made zero time in the day for exercise, what can you do that's "passive" exercise?
We all have those busy days, which is when I try and power walk/jog my son to the park and sneak in some squats while he swings, or play actively with him (picking him up to shoot baskets -- hello squat + press with a baby)! Another great option is to grab some dish towels and do a quick 'kitchen workout' while you're making dinner. Use hand towels as 'gliders' to sneak in some lunges, planks and push-ups (cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen floor, and getting a workout in...that's a multi-tasking mom at its best)!


Dockatot Mom Fitness Tips

Have you used the DockATot before to help aid in working out?
I always had him napping in the DockATot in front of a window with sunshine when he was a newborn. So I did lots of at-home barre workouts while he napped in the DockATot in those first couple months. Now that he's older, it's a bit harder to keep him in the dock but if I give him a snack and some toys I can usually sneak in at least 10 minutes. 

Tell us about your blog. What kind of content can readers expect from you?
My blog, Nourish Move Love, is a health + fitness lifestyle blog where you can find effective, 20-minute workouts, healthy recipes + meal prep ideas, and a bit about motherhood too!

What's the latest fitness trend you're excited about?
At-home workouts! As a group fitness instructor I never realized how much of a luxury it is to go to a group fitness class/studio until I had my own son. But today there are so many apps + online streaming services you can use to turn your living room into your own personal gym -- it's great, and a necessity for busy moms! 

And strength training! Since I've had a baby I've really tried to focus on getting my strength back and now increasing my strength. Strength training is the foundation to staying healthy, avoiding injuries, and being able to carry those heavy car seats. But seriously, I've seen amazing results by increasing my weight training!

What’s the yummiest and healthiest on the go snack for moms? 
Trail Mix + Energy Bites! You can always find a bag of this superfood trail mix in my purse + diaper bag. And when I have time on the weekends I love making these No-Bake Chocolate Tahini Energy Bites + No-Bake Chocolate Cashew Bites ! 

Any workout accessories you truly recommend for moms to have at home? 
I love having a resistance band and mini-loop resistance band in my jogging stroller to add strength training to my stroller runs! I'd also suggest a pair of dumbbells or if you enjoy strength training like me, I LOVE using power block adjustable dumbbells (adjust from 5-50 lbs) at home so I can continue to make strength gains at home. 

One final thought?
Motherhood is sacred work. In my opinion, fitness builds strength, character, discipline, perseverance and mental strength -- all qualities that overflow into motherhood!