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For those of you about to embark on holiday travel with a baby in tow, first of all, don't panic! Secondly, there are some smart steps you can take in order to fully prepare yourself and your family for traveling with a baby. Whether you're headed to a beachy getaway or a low-key but busy stay with extended family, the best thing you can possibly do to ensure a stress-free vacation with the baby is to plan ahead. Here, some tried and true tips for traveling with babies and toddlers.


Airplane Tips with Baby
Fear of airplane travel with a baby is definitely a thing for new parents. If you're well prepared then all will be ok. Here, some of the best plane tips for traveling with baby:

  • Bring extra changes of clothes for baby. We love the cheap white onesies you can buy in sets. If there's a diaper explosion or a major spit-up, you won't feel bad just tossing the onesie in the nearest trash can.
  • Bring extra changes of clothes for you! If said poop or throw up lands on you, you're going to want to get those clothes off pronto.
  • Invest in some noise-canceling headphones. There's nothing worse than a sleeping baby being awoken to an announcement on the loudspeaker letting everyone know that the seatbelt sign is off.
  • Try and book a flight time that coincides with baby's nap schedule. 
  • Bring your DockATot Deluxe on the plane with you!  The Deluxe size can easily be carried on.

Dockatot baby lounger

Dealing With Nap Time While On Vacation
While it's tempting to stray from baby's nap schedule while away from home, don't do it. Proper sleep time is so important to their growth and development. Rather than sending your entire family back to the hotel room for each nap time, here are some ways to still enjoy your trip while making sure baby gets proper sleep.

  • Trade off nap-sitting times. Take turns with your significant other. One of you watches the baby while the other gets to cross something off their personal vacation bucket list. Sounds like a good deal to us! 
  • If you've rented a car, take a scenic drive during baby's nap time while they snooze in their carseat.
  • Plan meal time to coincide with their naps. Make sure to bring a reclining stroller so they can snooze while you enjoy a long and relaxing adult meal.
  • Bring DockATot, the ultimate portable baby travel bed. You can let baby nap at the beach under an umbrella or really anywhere there's somewhere safe to place the dock down. Invest in a new DockATot travel bag, so you can easily transport your dock anywhere you go.  

Dockatot baby lounger

Designate a Changing and Feeding Area
Once you arrive to your destination--hotel or friend's or family's house--decide on a spot that will be your changing area. Place all the diapers, wipes, diaper cream and whatever else you need to easily change your little one. Make sure to pack disposable changing pads with you. But don't overpack the diapers. Regardless of where you're going, there will be a store that sells diapers and to stuff your luggage with a load of diapers is just annoying. After all, you need room for your extra pairs of shoes! Additionally, lay out the bottles, baby food and formula in one area -- either in the actual kitchen if you have one or a makeshift area near a sink.

Dockatot baby lounger

Wherever you head this holiday travel season, don't worry. Traveling with a baby is usually better than you think it will be. Plus, it's totally worth it!