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Mother's Day Must-Have: A Little Me-Time!

(Photo courtesy of @chloebarnold

Mother's Day Must Have: Me Time!
Ask any busy mom what she'd most like for Mother's Day and you'll hear the same answer over and over again--just a little me-time, please! This Mother's Day, it's easy to grant the mom in your life with her wish of some free time by gifting her with a DockATot.  One of the biggest benefits of owning a DockATot Deluxe+ is the free time it allows mamas to have. By acting as another set of warm and snuggly arms, DockATot gives babies a safe and comforting spot to rest and relax while mom tends to other pressing matters, such as teeth-brushing, dinner-cooking and shower-taking--and once in a while something even more exciting like a luxurious bath! Here, some of the favorite ways moms can use their DockATots to give themselves some me-time. 


Dockatot Mothers Day

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Mother's Day is for Breakfast in Bed
Making breakfast in bed is one of those things that older kids love to do for mom on Mother's Day. But when there's a baby thrown into the mix, chaos in the kitchen is typically on the menu. Dock the youngest family member in their DockATot and let dad supervise the older siblings in the kitchen as they prepare their best take on a gourmet breakfast. And yes, frozen waffles totally count!


Dockatot mothers day

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Mother's Day is for Long, Relaxing Baths 
If the last time you took something even resembling a long bath (no, 30-second showers don't count!), then you're in good company. New moms are infamously time-starved and long baths fall into the luxury category. Good news -- with a DockATot, you might just be able to steal 20 minutes or even longer for a bath all the while keeping your eye on baby tucked safely into their Dock. Calgon, take me away! 

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Mother's Day is for Sleeping In
Sleeping in is something new mother's just don't get to do, right? Think again. One of the number one reasons new moms don't get enough sleep is due to the fact that they're getting up in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn to nurse their little one. Enter DockATot. The Deluxe+ size allows for easy night nursing and co-sleeping. No more getting out of bed in a daze and knocking your bedside table over. 

Dockatot deluxe

This Mother's Day give the gift of DockATot! Purchase a DockATot gift card to surprise the time-starved mom in your life with a new dock or a new cover. 

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