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Nursery Chic: Design Tips for Baby Rooms from Decor Aid

DockATot Baby Lounger

Choosing decor for your nursery can be a daunting task for even the most design-savvy parents! We turned to our friends over at Decor Aid, a new service that offers interior design consultations, in person and online, for advice on how best to toggle chic design and the needs of a tiny person into one stylish room. Here, the best tips on how to decorate your baby's room and the whole house to make it child-friendly, yet still tasteful. 

DockATot Baby Lounger

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What are some tips for parents who want to decorate their nursery but don't want to have to redecorate later?
Yes, a nursery should be soothing, comfortable, and meet a few basic functions for your baby...but that does not mean that you can’t incorporate a few more mature design elements. Instead of a wallcovering covered in bunnies and baby chicks, opt for a classic polka dot or subtle stripe. Classic, timeless elements won’t date the space as your child grows. When shopping for a crib, safety comes first, followed by flexibility. Most manufacturers now offer toddler rails and bed conversion kits that can easily transform your furniture. For your changing table, either invest just in a tray that you can use on an existing dresser, or be sure that your changing table’s tray is removable so the dresser can grow with your child.

DockATot Baby Lounger

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What are your favorite ways to add pops of color tastefully to the nursery?
Typically, nurseries tend to be smaller, more intimate spaces. And so often they become taken over by brightly colored toys with fire-engine reds, sunny yellows, and kelly greens that rarely ever work with your palette. Prevent overstimulation by keeping your furniture and decor palette light and neutral. Colors like light gray, pale pink, crystal blue, and soft sage are beautiful colors that will add a tasteful hint of color and provide a soothing backdrop for whatever life brings into the space.

What are your favorite color pairings at the moment for a nursery?
Right now, a popular palette that is both classic and modern is a beautiful pale pink and deep gray-blue. Introduce a few soft lavender elements to round out the palette. For something more trendy, think a gray accent wall paired with saturated pops of navy and yellow. Use light-colored furniture and flokati rug to keep the space from being too harsh.

DockATot Baby Lounger

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What are your thoughts on creating a theme for the nursery? Is there a tasteful and chic way to do it? If so, please share tips.
Everybody loves a good theme, they are fun and creative and there are endless possibilities, but even if you love the circus theme today...you may not in five or seven years, and as your child grows, so do their own tastes and opinions. If you are opting to do a theme, try to keep the theme elements limited to art and accessories, and stick to simple complimentary colors for the walls and furniture. Art and accessories are much easier to replace over time if you tire of them.

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