Leslie Becker DockATot

DockATot's Art Director Leslie Becker is expecting her first baby this September. With years of experience working in the baby space, Leslie has become very familiar with hundreds of different baby products. Luckily for us, she is imparting her wisdom and has compiled a list of her favorite baby items. Read on for the new baby must haves she's planning to stock up on with the arrival of her daughter this fall. 


DockATot Cloud Grey

Dockatot Deluxe+ Dock in Cloud Grey
"I plan on keeping on each floor of my house, as an easy spot to put the baby down when needed."

Lou Lou & Co Sleepers
"I've used these before for dressing babies during photoshoots and I love how soft and easy they are. I plan on buying a dozen!"

DockATot new baby essentials

Willow Breast Pump
"I am hoping that the high price tag of these pays back in extra sanity."

Meri Meri Sleep Sack
"I love how Meri Meri's mixes pastels with pops of neon. This sleep sack will be extra warm and perfect for our Wisconsin winters."

DockATot Toy Set

DockATot Toy Bundle
"I recently learned about how baby's eye sight develops. These black and white toys will be perfect for her first months."

UPPAbaby Vista
"Our product developer told me this was the stroller with the toughest frame out there! I also like how it can grow with your family."

UppaBaby Cup holder add on
"Do you think I'm going to take this baby for a walk without the option to stop for an iced coffee?"

Leslie DockATot

Essembly Baby Diapers
"We try to make conscious lifestyle changes to protect our earth where we can, so we are taking the cloth diapering plunge. Their super cute prints make the decision easy!"

Frida Baby Delivery & Post-Partum Kit
"As a first time mom, labor is going to be an unexpected adventure. Having this kit helps me feel a little more prepared (as much as I can be, anyway)."

Dockatot Cabana Kit

DockATot Cabana Kit in Night Falls
"I hope to soak up the last of summer sun with the baby at my side."

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