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Make your Family Trip feel like a Real Vacation with DockATot

Lindsay Rothman, MS Ed., is Sleepy On Hudson's infant and baby specialist.  As a mother of two, Lindsay has the personal and professional experience to help her clients take the right steps forward in the first months of parenthood. Lindsay is Sleepy On Hudson's product guru. She scouts out the latest and greatest gear and techniques and often has hands-on experience with everything she finds.

She recently took the Deluxe and Grand DockATots on a family vacation and shares her tips and tricks for making littles feel like their home, no matter where they're sleeping! 

It only took a few times away from home to learn that a vacation with young kids doesn't really exist.  My husband and I decided to call them family trips and to lose the word vacation all together.  However this concept was eating at me -- why couldn't we make this experience a little more vacation like?  Luckily we found that our friends at DockATot have the key to making a trip away from home a true vacation, and yes it all centers around sleep!

Because as you probably know by now, when your children sleep, you sleep --  and that is step one of turning a trip into a vacation.

As a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and mother of two, I've stressed, researched and over prepared too many times when traveling before I made the DockATot investment (and now we have 2!). I thrive off of routine and repetition in my daily life, but let's be honest vacations don't always work that way. I want to be prepared for anything, but I also want to pack light. 

Traveling with the DockATot has turned our family trips into vacations. I've found that with the addition of a little white noise and some darkness, my two children are basically sleeping at "home" even if they are across the world.  When I set up the DockATots for them, they feel the comforts of home no matter where we are.  If we are heading out and about around nap time, I can easily put the DockATot in its carrying bag and let my little guy rest anywhere we land while my oldest enjoys the surroundings. And now with the recent addition of the activity bar, my little guy always has an opportunity to play without me having to pack a bunch of noisy and cumbersome toys.

Here are some of my top tips for easy travel with baby:

  • Travel light and just bring the necessary  comforts of home: their DockATot, lovie and sleepsack, swaddle or blanket.
  • Call the hotel ahead of time and make sure they have you in a room that works best for your family's needs.
  • Don't forget a sound machine! We love ones that travel easily like the the Project Nursery Bear Sound Soother or the Marpac Hush.
  • Try your best to travel around nap times and take into consideration the time it'll take to unload the car and check in
  • Give your child some time to acclimate to the room so it doesn't feel too exciting or unfamiliar come bedtime.
  • Follow your child's exact pre-bedtime routine: shut down the room, turn on the white noise, read a book, sing their good night song just as it's done at home.
  • If you know your littlest one will need to nap during the day, don't send the time locked in the room. Take the DockATot on the go in it's carrying bag. The bag has an inside pocket and enough room to put their comforts and sound machine.
  • If you'll be going on excursions, make sure to being a carrier like the Tula so naps can still happen.  Because there's nothing harder to get to sleep then and overtired child or baby!

We always tell our clients to follow a schedule, introduce healthy sleep associations and try to also get out and enjoy life as a family. Of all the products out there, we at Sleepy have only found that this one allows us to do it all. 

Written by Lindsay Rothman.


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Photos: Darrah Shea Photography
Hotel: Round House Beacon


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