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Summer Safety Tips for Babies

DockATot Baby Lounger

(photos courtesy of @matwaar, @michalhertz, @stacythiot and @samplusfam)

We love summertime and look forward to the warmer months all year long. But when there's a little one in tow, it's important to remember some crucial summer safety tips for babies and toddlers. From the right sun protection to water safety and tips to stay cool, there are lots of things for a mama to keep in mind! Summer should be fun, so don't stress out worrying about your baby's safety. Keep these summer safety tips in mind and enjoy what's left of the warmness. Before you know it, the days will be getting shorter again! 

DockATot baby lounger
Summer Safety Tip for Babies: Shield them from the sun
For babies under six months of age, the safest form of sun protection is keeping them out of the sun altogether. Dermatologists do not recommend using sunscreen on babies younger than six months age, as their skin is very sensitive. Using a pop-up shade (as pictured above by @jackieklein12) at the beach, park or pool is a smart way to protect your baby's delicate skin. Other sun protective measures include avoiding the midday sun, dressing your baby in sun-protective clothing and wide-brim hats and seeking shade whenever possible. 
DockATot portable baby bed
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Summer Safety Tip for Babies: Don't skip nap time
Regardless of the season, giving babies their midday nap is critical to their development. Just like eating a nutritious meal, nap times are essential to a baby's health. Thanks to the portability of DockATot baby loungers, you can now stick to your little one's nap time no matter where you are--including the beach, pool, lake or hotel room. 
DockATot portable baby lounger
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Summer Safety Tip for Babies: Always be on lifeguard duty
Watch your baby like a hawk when they're in or near the water--even if it's just a kiddie pool. Put your phone down and just concentrate on your little one. You should be "touch distance" away from them if they're in or near the water. Advise all grandparents or babysitters that they must practice the same rule. When you're finished playing with the kiddie pool or water table, make sure to dump it out. You don't want to risk your baby finding their way back to it by accident when no one is looking. 
DockATot baby lounger
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Summer Safety Tip for Babies: Keep their cool
The dog days of summer can be a major health issue for the oldest--and youngest--in the population. Overheating has been linked to SIDS. Since babies can't talk yet and tell you they're uncomfortable, it's important you stay on top of keeping them cool in the summer heat. Put a fan in their room and make sure you're not overdressing them at night. 
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