Sleep Tips for Babies With Reflux

DockAtot Baby Reflux Tips

Baby Reflux Tips: Sleep is on the Way!
There are so many reasons new moms lose sleep, but among the top culprits is newborn acid reflux. It may seem that your little one is just being fussy, but in fact baby reflux--the medical term is gastroesophageal reflux disease (G.E.R.D.)--could be to blame. 

How do you know if your baby has reflux?
Some common symptoms include:

  • Constant spitting up or vomiting
  • Crying or fussiness while eating or immediately after
  • Difficulty eating or refusing to eat altogether
  • Frequent coughing or wheezing
  • Difficulty sleeping, especially while on the back

While all or some of these symptoms could be signs of acid reflux for your baby, it's always best to get a medical opinion from your pediatrician. 

Dockatot baby lounger

Sleep Tips for Babies With Reflux 
Babies with acid reflux tend to wake up frequently during nap time or evening hours. More frequently than the normal routine of babies with out reflux, making a good night's sleep extremely hard to come by. The other challenge is that babies with reflux have trouble sleeping on their backs, as the stomach acid after feedings comes up and irritates the lining of their tummies making it very uncomfortable. Since the safest position for babies is on their backs, this presents an issue at sleeptime. Many parents find that putting a wedge under their baby at sleeptime is the best way to help babies with reflux sleep. A wedge helps elevate their upper bodies and helps lessen the symptoms of reflux while they sleep. 

Dockatot Sleep Aid Babies Reflux

DockATot is a Sleep Aid for Babies With Reflux
We have gotten many reviews and emails from parents who swear by their DockATot for relief from reflux. Many have turned to DockATot multifunctional baby loungers as a last resort after many nights of no sleep. "My daughter Joy is five weeks old and suffers from acid reflux," says DockATot mom Sara Randazzo. "She hates to lay flat, even for a diaper change. Using the DockATot at an incline has been a lifesaver!"

How to Use DockATot for Baby Reflux Help
Here's how Sara creates the perfect sleep environment for her baby to alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux: "I place towels of different heights underneath the DockATot to create an incline. I then wrap two folded towels in a pillow case to keep them together and stable at the top, then one folded towel in front of that, and one partially folded towel in front of that. I fold part of that last towel in front of the DockATot to help it from sliding down the incline." Whether you choose to use rolled up towels or purchase a baby acid reflux wedge pillow to use underneath, DockATot baby lounger is an ideal accessory to help your baby (and you!) finally get some rest and relief from reflux. Just make sure the wedge or towels you are using still create a stable surface for the DockATot to rest on. Here's to not feeling like a zombie anymore!

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