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Toddler Sleep Tips: How to Get Your Kids to Sleep In

Dockatot baby lounger

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It may still be snowing in some parts of the country, but daylight savings time has officially began. This annual marker of springtime is overall a pretty awesome thing (yay for post-dinner backyard fun!), however it can start off downright dreadful thanks to that extra hour of sleep that magically vanishes in the middle of the night. For non-parents, daylight savings time is not that big of a deal, but when you have early risers under the age of three in your house, that extra hour can mean the difference between somewhat in-control mommy and overtired, at-her-wits-end mama. So how can you make the transition a bit easier and at the same time teach your littles to sleep in a little? Here, some expert sleep tips for toddlers who like to wake up at dawn's early light.

Dockatot baby lounger

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Toddler Sleep Strategy: Make Sure They've Eaten Enough
One of the things that could be rousing your toddler out of bed at 6am is that they're hungry. Try giving them a healthy, high-protein snack before bedtime to ensure a rumbly tummy is not sending them into your room before the sun rises. 

Toddler Sleep Strategy: Adjust Their Nap Schedule 
If you find that your early riser has bundles of energy when they wake up, it could be time to think about cutting down on their naps. If they're still taking two naps a day, you might want to consider giving them just one or shortening the lengths of their naps. 

Dockatot baby lounger

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Toddler Sleep Strategy: Make Sure Their Room is Optimized for Sleep
Is the room dark and quiet enough? Or is the sound of garbage trucks waking them up in the morning? Room darkening shades and white noise machines can work some serious magic and are totally worth the investment if you want a precious hour or more of sleep in the mornings. 

Toddler Sleep Strategy: Let Them Amuse Themselves in the Morning
If all else fails, give your toddler some quiet games to play with by themselves in the morning. Set up some books or building toys so they can peacefully engage themselves while you snooze. 

Dockatot baby lounger

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Toddler Sleep Strategy: Transition to the Toddler Bed with DockATot
The DockATot Grand was created to help toddlers transition into their big kid beds by helping them feel safe, secure and snuggly. The built in bumpers help keep them secure in their new beds and also helps to lengthen their sleep times by making them feel cuddled. Toddlers can use the Grand dock up to age five (or even older!) if they want and tote it around the house to lounge around in, too. 

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