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The DockATot Story: What's Behind the Name DockATot?

Dockatot baby lounger

(Photo courtesy of @caitemcgee)

When we launched our brand in 2015, one of the most frequent questions we got was: "Why is it called DockATot?" Truth be told, at first it may sound like a funny name, but when DockATot founder and visionary Lisa Furuland was thinking about what to name her invention, she immediately thought of her surroundings. Furuland is from a seaside town in Sweden where docks are considered safe harbors and she wanted families to rely on their DockATots as safe and welcoming spots for their little ones. As parents, we all have enough stressors in our lives that one thing we don't need more stress about is the gear we choose for our babies and toddlers. Furuland went above and beyond in terms of safety when creating DockATot to ensure that parents can feel secure when using their docks and indeed provide them with a safe harbor. 

DockATot Safe Sleeping Babies

(Photo courtesy of @thegrittypretties)

We know the DockATot name is holding up to its claim and is truly creating a safe haven for little ones when we hear from DockATot moms and dads about why they love their docks. Dock mom Cara Chatwin of the @thegrittypretties says: "She doesn't know the difference between being in bed with us or being anywhere else in the world, as long as she is in her DockATot. But I know she is right there beside me, safe and easily checked on. Her sleep is never disrupted and she has always slept through the night (aside from feedings) with out any trouble. I think having a comfortable, lightweight, breathable bed that is consistent no matter where you are, especially if you're traveling a lot like us, is key."

Dockatot baby safe

(Photo courtesy of @mollyjo_h)

Dock mom Molly of @mollyjo_h says: "Sometimes I play this game called "what is my favorite baby item?" and our DockATot is always at the top of my list. As a co-sleeping family, we use the DockATot every night. I'm convinced it's one of the reasons why she has been such a great sleeper from day one. It's safe, breathable, and gives baby her own spot in the bed. It has served as a travel companion and a tummy time aid, and is great for playtime too. I could go on and on. But at the end of the day, we count on the DockATot."

Dockatot baby sleep safety

(Photo courtesy of @sleepandthecity)

What does the name DockATot mean to the pros? Baby sleep expert Lauren Olson of Sleep and the City says: "This product provides a sense of security and gives children a consistent sleeping area to familiarize themselves with, from co-sleeping to crib to toddler bed. It can travel with you -- imagine packing your own bed on vacation, you would prob sleep better too, right?" 

Dockatot toddler bed

(Photo courtesy of @madmamanyc)

What does the name DockATot mean to you? We love hearing all your stories. Share your dock story with us on Instagram and don't forget to tag @dockatot. 


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Stephanie fitzgerald
Stephanie fitzgerald

June 14, 2017

Where’s the closest store to buy one of these to me I live in Glasgow my 42141?

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