Laundress Stain Remover Kit


Laundress Stain Remover Kit  

Designed with babies in mind, this carefully curated kit features eco-friendly stain fighters that are specially formulated to remove even the most stubborn messes. It's the only product assortment you'll need to remove any DockATot stain- big, small, old or new.

This kit includes:

All-Purpose Bleach Alternative .5fl oz. packet

Stain Solution - Unscented 2 oz. bottle

Wash & Stain Bar - 2 oz.

Stain Brush 


Mom Stories

Laundress Stain Remover Kit

Danielle Behrens

Ok, so we love, love, love our DockATot! Gwen uses it to lounge - our DockATot Deluxe goes everywhere with us. We have already bought our DockATot Grand months early just to ensure we have it for little Miss. Thank you for making such a great product for our dearest little ones.
Laundress Stain Remover Kit

Brittany Dekker

The DockATot has literally been a BFF for this first time Mama! The Dock is hands down the easiest and best accessory I have. It’s portability is unparalleled to any of the many options out there. It is so easy to move (I mean seriously… it couldn’t be any lighter!) from room to room, from car to boat, from play date to park, from Florida to Iowa!
Laundress Stain Remover Kit

Sarah Gibson

Being a first-time mom, the DockATot has been my lifesaver! Other than sleeping in the DockATot, our little girl enjoys lounging in it and playing in it. I also love that it’s easy to move to any room in the house, easy to travel with, and easy to clean. It’s comforting to know that no matter where I’m at with my little girl, she can have the comfort of the DockATot with her.
Laundress Stain Remover Kit

Julia Kroesen

As a stay at home mother of 4 children, I can honestly say that the DockATot has been by far the best baby product I have ever bought. I am currently using the Deluxe DockATot for my 8 week old, baby Mikey. We have been using it since we arrived home from the hospital. When I put baby Mikey in his DockATot, I can visibly see him relax and begin to sooth himself to get ready to sleep. 

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