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Kourtney Kardashian
"There are a lot of tips that I strongly recommend for co-sleeping safely if you are going to try it. I also recently discovered DockATot™. I have been loving it…Amazing for sleeping in different beds, traveling, etc. "
Scott & Marika Foley
"We've found nothing that works better for helping our kids (and us!) get a better nights sleep than the DockATot™. It's portable, washable and we've recommended it to all of our friends with newborns. It's so simple but it truly saved us. This was our first time using the Grand DockATot™. It's a perfect nap spot for our 3 year old son, even his five year old sister loves lounging in it."

Sara Foster
"Omg, this is the greatest product ever! My daughter is 6 days old and this is all I have had her in! I would like to order more for gifts for friends. I love this product so much."
Jeniffer Love Hewitt
"These are awesome loungers for my little ones! They love them and that makes me so happy."

Missi Pyle
"Look, I'm not someone who loses her *%it about everything. But if you know someone who is having or has an infant, the DockATot is legit the single greatest thing I got for my baby. #lifesaver and it is the bomb for travel. And she sleeps great everywhere! I have no connection to them, it's just a great product."
Jenn Falik, Fashion/Beauty Expert
"I can't imagine NOT having this. We used it from the minute we got home from the hospital. It made her feel super cozy instantly. It also makes overnights with the baby simple. We bring it with us when we travel, and she feels right at home. It eliminates much of that "WHERE AM I?" anxiety and helps her to doze right off just like she would in her own nursery."

Kimberly Caldwell
"Thank you DockATot for keeping our baby cozy and safe. Seriously the BEST number one must have! I've been telling all my friends. We are loving the new sleeping routine thanks to DockATot."
Melisa Fluhr, Co-Founder Project Nursery
"My baby loves to lounge in her DockATot™ right next to me, while I work. It's comfortable surrounding calms her, making her feel safe and snug, as if I am holding her myself."

Molly Sims

Coco Rocha

Tiffany Thiesen

Kim Kardashian

Michael Phelps & Nicole Johnson

Haylie Duff

Ali Fedotowsky


Nina Phillips Bernstein, DO, FAAP - Pediatric Hospitalist
"I highly recommend the DockATot Deluxe to anyone with an infant. As a Pediatrician and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, safety is my first priority, and the DockATot Deluxe passes all required safety testing in not only the US, but in Europe, too! It is made of completely breathable material that is nonflammable with a firm flat surface that follows even the newest 2016 AAP Sleep Guidelines. My baby has been using her DockATot since the day she was discharged from the hospital, and it truly helps her stay asleep longer. It is also great for travel, lounging, and tummy time, which is why it is my number one baby registry pick."
Latham Thomas - Maternity lifestyle maven, author, wellness and birth coach. Founder of Mama Glow.
"For the jet-set, this is a familiar place for your little one to rest their head when traveling. DokATot is Mama Glow Approved!"

Julie McCaffrey - Founder, Babynav Baby Planners
"We love, love when new baby gear comes out and we get to play with it. And for us, this hit it out of the park!"
Carri Bruno, The Mama Coach
"I love using the DockATot with new babies. Babies get used to a consistent sleep space while allowing mom the flexibility to have her baby sleep wherever she is. It's so versatile!"

Andrea Williams - Tubby Todd Founder
"In the past I have had bassinets, bouncers and pack n' plays that I have carried up and down the stairs. When I saw the DockATot I knew this would solve all of my problems! It's so multifunctional and portable."
Katie Bartley, Top Sleep Consultant
"Always love seeing a new client snoozing! And even more fun to see one sleeping in one of my favorite baby products DockATot."

Dr. Corey - Lincoln Family Chiropractic
"I’m a fan of whatever will get this little guy some restful sleep. It definitely has both the Dr. Corey and Dr. Mom stamps of approval!"
Lynette Harper, Sleep Expert, Serene Sleep Solutions
"Helping parents get their babies to sleep is my passion. Our daughter slept amazing when we took the DockATot on our holiday. I will be telling all of my clients about the DockATot, especially those with newborns and those that travel lots."

Jenn Langsdale – Owner & Teacher at The Nest Mommy and Me, Los Angeles, CA
"The moms in our Mommy & Me classes are raving about the DockATot. Moms love that they can co-sleep safely with their baby and are saying that their whole family is getting more sleep. Families who are on-the-go love it’s portability and say that their baby sleeps better during trips, at daycare, and out of the house when they’re in the familiar environment of the DockATot. "



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