At DockATot, we firmly believe it is our responsibility to protect the planet today and for future generations that follow. Our Kind Bassinet program leverages sustainable materials that become fully recyclable products and partnerships that bring our impact full circle by contributing back to Mother Earth. 


Plant-a-tree Program

Together with our partner, Ecodrive, we plant a tree for every Kind Bassinet sold. These mangrove trees are planted on a dedicated plot of land in Madagascar and not only help offset carbon emissions but also employ local villagers. To learn more about Ecodrive and their incredible efforts visit


Intentional Design

Our catalogue of different products includes those designed for an extended lifecycle or specifically to be highly efficient through their service life. Many of our products are made to order to prevent over production.

Our raw materials are sustainably sourced and our fabrics meet the highest standard of safety. 

With the introduction on Kind Bassinets, we not only wanted to provide a fully sustainable option for parents but we wanted to double down but adding an additional layer of sustainability by giving back to Mother Earth.


Other sustainable practices

We are committed to identifying further opportunities to recycle everywhere possible. Still have questions? Reach out to us!



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