April 17, 2017


Creating a Gender Neutral Nursery with Pehr Designs

Creating Gender Neutral Space for BabyWe recently had the pleasure of catching up with Jennifer Kelly and Rebecca Perren, the creators of Pehr Designs, to talk about decorating for a gender neutral space! View full article →
April 15, 2017


New Mom Tips: How to Make Working at Home Work for You

DockAtot Work at Home Mom TipsAre you a work at home mom? Or do you aspire to be? We spoke to a WAHM mom that's killing it in both her career and mamahood to get some much needed inspo on how to make working at home an attainable reality. View full article →
March 31, 2017


Red Flags Your Baby is Not Getting Enough Sleep

Dockatot baby loungerIs your baby getting enough sleep. Find out the major red flags that could mean your little one is not sleeping well during the night. View full article →
March 15, 2017


Toddler Sleep Tips: How to Get Your Kids to Sleep In

Dockatot baby loungerDoes your toddler like to wake up before the sun rises? Read for tips on how to cope with an early riser and how to teach your toddler to sleep in. View full article →
March 14, 2017


Safe Cosleeping Tips from Top US Sleep Expert Kim West, aka "The Sleep Lady"

Kim West, aka "The Sleep Lady," gives her best tips and practices for safe and comfortable cosleeping with your little one. 
View full article →
February 28, 2017


DockATot Stories: Meet the Brenners, an Amazing Family Providing Foster Care

Dockatot baby loungerMeet the Brenners, an amazing family that is dedicated to making the lives of little ones better through foster care. Hear their story and why they rely on DockATot to make their babies feel safe and secure. View full article →
February 12, 2017


Expert Breastfeeding Tips from Lactation Consultant Rebecca Agi

Dockatot baby loungerBreastfeeding isn't easy! But sticking with it is important. Lactation consultant Rebecca Agi shares some words of encouragement for breastfeeding mamas. View full article →
February 04, 2017

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How Long Should My Baby Nap? We Get the Scoop from Baby Sleep Expert Lauren Olson of Sleep and the City

Dockatot baby loungerNaptime problems! We all have them as new mamas. Find out exactly how long your baby should be napping and how to ensure they'll get the right amount of afternoon sleep in from baby sleep expert Lauren Olson. View full article →
January 27, 2017

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Baby Sleep Tips from Expert Cara Dumaplin of Taking Cara Babies

Meet baby sleep expert Cara Dumaplin and find out why she doesn't believe sleep training is necessary. Also, why she and her pediatrician husband are so in love with the DockATot. View full article →
January 19, 2017


Multifunctional Baby Gear: It's a baby lounger, it's a tummy time aid, it's a DockATot!

Dockatot baby loungerDockATot is a true multifunctional, multitasking baby product. From tummy time to co-sleeping, DockATot answers all of your baby and toddler needs in one chic and stylish place. View full article →
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