January 12, 2017


New Parent Tips: How to Keep Baby Warm and Safe in the Winter

Dockatot baby loungerBaby it's cold outside! Ensure you're keeping your little ones warm enough in the winter--but not too warm--with these baby-safe tips. View full article →
December 21, 2016


Mom Tips: Traveling With Baby

Dockatot baby loungerGearing up for travel season with baby? Don't panic. Follow these tips from new moms on how to make traveling with baby as stress-free as possible. View full article →
December 15, 2016


Baby's First Year: Tips for New Parents on How to Make the Holidays Special

Dockatot baby loungerBaby's first year is loaded with exciting moments. Get the most out of your first holiday season as a family with these tips and traditions that are sure to get you in the festive spirit. View full article →
December 07, 2016


Preparing for Baby #2: How to Introduce a New Sibling into the Family

Dockatot baby loungerExpecting another baby? Preparing your child for another baby can be fun. Try these tips to help get #1 excited for baby #2.


View full article →
November 29, 2016


Meet CloudTot: The Revolutionary New Smart Baby Monitor System from DockATot

DockATot CloudTotMeet CloudTot, our new smart baby monitor system that has brand new features never seen before. Made to work exclusively with DockATot, it makes your favorite genius product even smarter! View full article →
November 17, 2016


Is DockATot Organic? Why We Chose a Different Certification

Dockatot baby loungerThe truth about organic products. What you need to know about the organic label and why we choose a different standard to certify our products at DockATot. View full article →
November 11, 2016


Away We Go! New Travel Bags for DockATot Now Available

Dockatot baby loungerThe new DockATot On the Go Transport bags have arrived! Now you can travel in style and ease with your Grand and Deluxe docks. View full article →
October 25, 2016

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Vegas, Baby! DockATot at the 2016 ABC Kids Expo

Dockatot baby loungerWhat happens in Vegas, isn't staying in Vegas. We're so excited to share our adventures from the 2016 ABC Kids Expo, including some big news on what to expect from DockATot in 2017. View full article →
October 10, 2016


DockATot News: Monthly Payments Now Available on DockATot.com

Dockatot baby loungerExciting news! We now offer a monthly payment plan, allowing families the option of purchasing a dock and paying it off over either three, six or twelve months. Even better? Your dock ships immediately. Find out more about our new installment plan. View full article →
October 05, 2016


New Mom Tips: How to Raise a Good Sleeper

Dockatot baby loungerIf you want to raise a good sleeper, the power is in the hands of us parents. Making changes in your baby's bedtime routine can mean the difference between a good sleeper and a bad sleeper. View full article →
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