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Tear-Free Tummy Time with DockATot

Tear-Free Tummy Time with DockATot

by Jennifer Perron on

Tummy time sans tears made possible with the help of DockATot. Find out how to use your DockATot for your little one's mini workout!

New Mom Tips: How to Make Working at Home Work for You

by Melissa Kleinman on

DockAtot Work at Home Mom TipsAre you a work at home mom? Or do you aspire to be? We spoke to a WAHM mom that's killing it in both her career and mamahood to get some much needed inspo on how to make working at home an attainable reality.

Dock Dads: How to Celebrate Father's Day and Enter Our #DaddyDocks Giveaway

by Lisa Furuland on

DockATot Baby Lounger How to make this Father's Day special with your favorite dock dad. Plus, enter our Father's Day giveaway and you could win a DockATot!

Baby Sleep Tips for Summer; DockATot Teams Up With Project Night Night

by Lisa Furuland on

DockATot Baby Lounger Summertime presents its own challenges when it comes to getting babies to sleep. Here, our top tips on baby sleep for summertime, plus news of an exciting new charitable partnership with Project Night Night.

Baby Sleeping Strategies: The Top Newborn Sleep Tips

by Lisa Furuland on

DockATot Baby LoungerNewborns and sleep is a hot topic. Here, some of the best tried and true methods of getting your newborn to sleep, so mama can get some rest, too.