10 Gift Ideas for New Parents 

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  • August 11, 2021

When a friend or family member welcomes a new little one into the world, it can be challenging to  think of gift ideas for new parents. You want to strike the balance between something unique, and something that you know they will use and treasure. 

We’ve collated a list of some of our favorite gift ideas for new parents. Ranging from fashion items for your little one to statement pieces for the house, these are gifts that will stand out from the crowd.

Baby massage oil

Baby massage is a relaxing, sweet way for parents to connect with their newborn. It can soothe a distressed baby, help them to unwind before bedtime, and build that precious bond between baby and parent. 

‘Consciously crafted with ingredients from nature’, Burts Bees are intent on making products that nourish and revitalize an often-overlooked organ - our skin! Their nourishing baby oil is formulated with apricot and grape seed oils, just right for massaging onto newborn skin. 

Burts Bees 'Getting Started Kit'

To really spoil a new parent, you can purchase their Baby Getting Started Kit, complete with luxurious lotion, shampoo, powder, massage oil and soap. You’ll be pleased to know that their products are made without phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or SLS. Who doesn’t love kissable newborn skin?

The ‘Clutch Changer’

For ladies who are used to leaving the house with a small purse, the concept of carting around heaps of baby paraphernalia can be a little daunting. So if you’re buying for a new mother who appreciates travelling light, this handy clutch changer will allow her to tuck away all the essentials in a stylish, slim-line clutch. Available in either khaki or bronzed cheetah design, the clutch is for moms who don’t want to have to compromise on fashion for practicalities.

DockATot Clutch changer in Cheetah

Clutch Changer in Bronzed Cheetah

An Aristot family heirloom

For grandparents looking to buy a centrepiece item for their new grandchild, the Aristot is a gift of luxury and style that will last for generations. These handcrafted bassinets are exquisitely designed to create a statement, to welcome a baby into the world in the most luxurious way possible. They are innovative pieces that adapt as your baby grows and transform into adult furniture, so they can be treasured for a lifetime.

Aristot Bassinet

Luxury Baby Gift Set

This delightful gift set from The Little Tailor is the perfect gift to celebrate a new arrival. The rocking horse print set comprises a super-soft sleepsuit, comforter, blanket, hat and adorable little booties. Soft, simple yet luxurious and pre-wrapped in a gift bag. It even comes with a card and envelope ready to give to your loved one - what’s not to like? 

The Little Tailor luxury baby gift set

Boss baby

When a baby arrives, it’s pretty clear who is in charge in those first few months. This Hugo Boss pacifier from the UK’s famous department store, Selfridges, has an added element of humor. We all know who will be calling the shots from now on. A great gift to keep the little one happy and for parents who aren’t planning to use a pacifier, it often turns out to be a welcome friend in the small hours. There is also a Boss bottle set available to match.  

Hugo Boss baby pacifier

A furry best friend

The idea of finding a future favourite furry friend for a child is always enticing. This enchanting Jellycat blossom bunny gift set is as sweet and cuddly as it gets. The soft-eared bunny is dressed in blossom print pyjamas and comes with a matching blossom print muslin. An adorable companion to cuddle at night and invite to tea parties in a few years’ time. 

Jellycat Blossom Bunny Gift Set

A helping hand

Some gifts really are priceless. With a newborn to care for, there are so many new responsibilities, and sometimes the best gift of all is the offer of support. If you live close by, could you offer to do some ironing, provide a meal or take the little one out for a walk to give the parents a chance to nap? 

You could even coordinate a rota of meals amongst friends and family for the first week after the baby is brought home. Keeping the tired parents well fed with nutritious, home-cooked food is one gift not to be underestimated. 

Sweet dreams with a sleeping bag

Sleep is such an aspiration during those first months - a precious commodity. Cozy sleeping bags are the ultimate sleep accessory - keeping the little one warm no matter how much they wriggle in their sleep. 

As one of those items that you always need more of than you expect, a sleeping bag is a safe bet as a gift idea for new parents. This neutral, gray-striped newborn swaddle bag from Baby Mori is a lovely option if you don’t yet know the baby’s gender. 

Baby Mori newborn swaddle bag

A sentimental sketch

When it comes to sentimental gift ideas for new parents, we love this Swedish brand The Birth Poster. The Birth Poster creates a 1:1 sized image of the newborn, so parents can see in years to come just how little they were. You’ll need to have some information on the baby – the name, length, weight and birthday – so make sure you have this to hand before you order. 

The Birth Poster artwork

The gift of time with a DockATot Deluxe+ dock

Adorable as they are to cuddle and coo over, caring for a newborn means having very little time to yourself. Babies need to feel safe and secure, and nowhere is better than in their parent’s arms. But there are times that parents will need to put the baby down, so our DockATot docks are designed to create a comforting, secure place for little one to rest, whilst their deserving parents take a moment. 

DockATot Deluxe+ in Confetti Stripe
Deluxe+ in Confetti Stripe

A DockATot Deluxe+ is a gift that offers the new parents a chance to make a drink, brush their hair, or cook dinner, while their little one rests cosy and secure under their parent’s watchful eye. It’s a gift that’s guaranteed to be used on a daily basis and is loved by parents and babies alike. 

Gift ideas for new parents

It’s always a joy to have the excuse to shop for something cute for a baby. There are so many potential gift ideas for new parents. But whatever you choose, we know your friends and loved ones will be delighted to know they are being thought of at such an exciting and challenging time in their lives. Having the love and support of friends and family makes all the difference in bringing a child into the world. 

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