Ultimate Developmental Milestone Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Capture and Display Your Baby’s Precious Moments

  • Ashley Nackos
  • April 01, 2024


Experiencing parenthood is thrilling. Observing your little one grow and change before your eyes reveals the wonder of development. 

You want to cherish each new skill and developmental milestone as it happens. Whether it seems to happen overnight or it’s a skill they’ve taken time to master, each one is precious.

Developmental Milestones: What and When

Intentionally capturing your baby’s developmental milestones is only possible if you know what to look for. 

All babies follow a perfectly unique timeline. Some bloom faster than others. These guidelines are strictly approximations.

Don’t fret if your baby hasn’t met one of the milestones by the suggested age. And don’t forget to watch for the next milestone because it could happen sooner than you think.

Follow our *general* developmental milestone pathway to help guide your preparations. 

Developmental milestones for 1 month old[1][2]

  • Quick, jerky movements
  • Smile
  • Recognize familiar faces
  • Respond to sounds
  • Touch face

Developmental milestones for 2 to 3 months old[3]

  • Make sweet sounds like coos
  • Lift head when lying on their stomach
  • Track objects with their eyes
  • Smile at others

Developmental milestones for 4 months old[4]

  • Make sounds when you talk to them
  • Show interest in their own hands
  • Attempt to roll over front to back
  • Hold a toy when you put it in their hands

Developmental milestones for 5 to 6 months old

  • Roll over front to back
  • Laugh
  • Hold their head without support
  • Recognize their own name
  • Sit up unsupported

Developmental milestones for 7 to 8 months old[5]

  • Roll over in both directions
  • Scoot or crawl
  • Pull objects closer
  • Distinguish between liked and disliked objects

Developmental milestones for 9 months old[6]

  • Show stranger anxiety
  • React when you leave
  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Use facial expressions to show emotions

Developmental milestones for 10 to 11 months old

  • Pull up to a standing position
  • Stand on their own
  • First words
  • Hold, shake, or throw objects
  • Cruise around furniture
  • Explore surroundings

Developmental milestones for 1 year old

  • Walk
  • Repeat or imitate words
  • Use vocal expressions with phrases like “uh-oh” and “yay”
  • Manipulate small objects 

Remember, all babies develop in their own time. Follow the developmental milestone timeline as a continuous journey, not a specific checklist. 

Plan Your Documentation Strategy

Now that you understand the developmental milestones to watch for in your little one, it’s time to plan how you will document them. 

Documenting is personal and should reflect your connection with your baby. Don’t feel the need to follow the crowd. Choose how you want to remember each one of those sweet moments.

Look within yourself to discover how you want to capture your baby’s developmental milestones.

Are you a writer? Consider journaling as a means to relive each new developmental wonder.

Artist? Create a representation of your baby to reflect each new stage. These could be priceless memoirs of paint, wood, clay, or whichever medium speaks to you.

Visual? Set up tranquil photo sessions to showcase your babe. Consider adding video recordings for sweet sounds and exciting movements. 

Prepare ahead of time for how you want to look back on your baby’s developmental milestones. Be prepared because they could happen before you know it. 

Create Artful Displays

Capturing your baby’s development is a beautiful process. Celebrate your diligence in documenting their developmental milestones by crafting a beautiful display. 

Incorporate a timeless display that reflects your family’s style. Be intentional with your craftsmanship so you and others will want to relive the precious moments over and over again. 

Display ideas include

  • Wall gallery. When you photograph your baby’s developmental changes, be mindful of the lighting, setting, and aesthetics. Choose a palette to showcase – not distract from – your babe. Wall galleries can range in size, medium, shape, color, and configuration. Play around with your options until you have a gallery that connects seamlessly with your home.
  • Journal. When writing is your forte, document your little’s milestones in an elegant journal. Choose a book that can blend with the rest of your home while on display. Invest in high-quality materials to help bring your words to life.
  • Photo album. It’s impossible to display all of the photos parents take of their little ones in a gallery setting. This is the perfect time to create a photo album or scrapbook to highlight your baby’s journey. Photo albums allow you to display as many pictures as you can imagine. Albums also serve as the ideal channel for a timeline showcasing your baby’s developmental milestones.
  • Digital display. Sometimes your wall space is limited. Or you may prefer a less concrete way of showing off your little one. Digital displays are an interesting way to keep updated photos and videos throughout your home. Devices range from simple 4x6 countertop frames to large mounted screens – something to fit every home.

Try a few different display types to find what works. You might find that you like a combination of different displays. The most beautiful display will be what brings the most joy to your home.

As you work through capturing your baby’s developmental milestones, take time to reflect on the wonder of each season. Rather than constantly looking forward to what’s coming next, appreciate all your baby has accomplished.

Decorate your home with the captured moments of your baby’s developmental milestones. Let them serve as a reminder of the beauty that comes with growth and change. 

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