DockATot News: Introducing the New Mediterraneo Collection

It's here! Our brand new spring collection has arrived and it's sure to transport you to one of our favorite regions in the world--the Mediterranean.
  • Melissa Kleinman
  • February 14, 2019

Dockatot Mediterraneo Collection

DockATot News: Introducing the Mediterraneo Collection

Our new spring collection is now available!

Spring has arrived a little early! Join us as we take a trip to the storied and perpetually stylish region of the Mediterranean for our new Mediterraneo collection. Inspired by the deep hues of the Mediterranean Sea and the classic whites and blues of coastal architecture, the prints in the new collection are a mix of old-world charm and modern style.

“I am truly delighted to introduce you to our new Mediterraneo collection, a tribute to the beautiful beaches, nautical life as well as the rich history of the Mediterranean region,” says Lisa Furuland Kotsianis, founder of DockATot. “The new prints embody the coastal allure and pure elegance of the area that I'm lucky to call home. This collection is my way of sharing the seemingly endless, dazzling summers that my family experiences every year on the Greek Riviera. The striking blues and whites, the chic nautical elements and classic patterns -- what better way to capture this simple way of life and spirit of barefoot elegance than to bring this collection into your home.”

Dockatot Mediterraneo Collection

Now get ready to kick off your shoes and dig your toes into the sand! Here, the new designs that make up our Mediterraneo collection:


Dockatot Villa Azure

Villa Azure
The Villa Azure design was inspired by the stylish geo-print Azulejo tiles of Portugal.

Shop Villa Azure


Dockatot Cyclo print

The Cyclo print takes inspiration from the playful waves, brilliant watercolors and architectural curves of Greece.

Shop Cyclo


DockATot Coastal Stripe

Coastal Stripe and Mariniere
These styles pay homage to the iconic Breton stripe, which began as part of the French naval uniform in 1858 and now personifies the effortless look of Parisian chic.

Shop Mariniere; Shop Coastal Stripe


Dockatot Big Blue

The Big Blue
Inspired by the iconic shade of Mediterranean blue. This deep and captivating hue uplifts any mood and feeds the soul.

Shop The Big Blue


The chic new styles are all gender-neutral and the ideal for travel and at-home use. The new Mediterraneo prints complement and enhance the décor of any home.

Shop the Mediterraneo Collection now.

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