With warmer days around the corner and the hope of lazy summer days on the horizon, we’ve been enjoying some of our fresher prints influenced by nature. Take inspiration from some of these gorgeous springtime designs and spruce-up your home for the new season.

Willow Bough

Inspired by the graceful Willow trees that bordered the riverbanks of his favourite fishing spots in the English countryside near his home, William Morris’ iconic Willow Bough design has been one of his most popular for over a century. The delicate shades of green and ecru, paired with the soothing, curves of the willow branches speak of fresh spring days and new growth. 

Incorporating this beautiful design into our DockATot portfolio has been a true pleasure. It brings a touch of natural elegance and a little piece of the English countryside to your living space, wherever you are. We particularly love how beautifully it features in our woven rattan Dreamweaver moses baskets.

Strawberry Thief

We simply adore William Morris’ ever-popular Strawberry Thief design. The pattern takes its name from the cheeky Song Thrushes that would steal the fruit growing in Morris’ kitchen garden. It’s a true celebration of the richness and beauty of an English country garden. 

The design fits seamlessly into traditional or period interior design themes. But the contrast of this elaborate pattern against a modern, minimalist setting also works beautifully. Spruce-up your Grand dock with a new cover, or introduce a little of this decadent celebration of nature into your living spaces with the elegant Strawberry Thief Zen pillow.

Pink & Rose

As you can see, Morris took much of his inspiration from the English countryside around his home. Pink & Rose features a delicate pattern of intertwined carnation stems and roses. The original design featured pale shades of pink and green (hence the name!), but we love this blue on white colorway. It fits effortlessly into unisex nursery decor and brings a real fresh, sense of simplicity to the design.

Brer Rabbit

The pretty pink Brer Rabbit design fits beautifully into a nursery setting, inspired as it was by the stories William Morris used to read to his young daughters, Jenny and May. The soft pastel shades speak of spring blossom, and little ones love spotting the rabbits and birds nestled amongst the interweaving foliage patterns.

We love pairing the Zen Pillow and Present Tense floor cushion as part of a sweet little reading nook in a nursery. It’s not just for the kids though - the Zen bolster pillow can also bring a stylish feminine touch of chic to a grown-up bedroom.

La Vie En Rose

Moving away from the beautiful Morris & Co designs, our ever-popular La Vie En Rose is a burst of fresh, floral color. Delicately illustrated pink and cream roses against a crisp, white background bring a real sense of classical elegance to a nursery. Freshen-up your space with a Deluxe+ dock, or fully embrace the floral with a beautiful La Vie En Rose play tent and range of cushions.

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