Mom Stories: How I Found Postpartum Wellness During a Pandemic

Mom of two Dana Harvey talks about how she is finding a wellness routine with two young daughters and the backdrop of a global pandemic.
  • Melissa Kleinman
  • July 02, 2020

Dana Harvey Dockatot

We had a chance to talk to Dana Harvey of the stylish and fun blog Home of the Harveys and her complementary Instagram account @homeoftheharveys. Dana has two young daughters (Pia and Penelope), the younger of which she gave birth to a couple months ago amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only that, but she had to leave her in the NICU after delivery. Fast forward to now and Dana is home with her family and finding ways to incorporate a wellness routine back into her life. 

How has your postpartum experience been this time vs. your first daughter
It's definitely been significantly different this time around. Having Penelope in the NICU for 11 days after she was born, and not knowing what was wrong really shook up my emotions. My body switched from recovery mode to superwoman mode. I produced more milk than Betsy the cow and was able to donate my platelets for baby girl just six days after giving birth. As a mom of two now, postpartum looks a bit different regardless!  

Dana Harvey Dockatot

How has the pandemic affected your healthy lifestyle? 
I've been so so grateful for all the instructors offering online classes during quarantine. There's only so much outdoor working out a girl can do in the scorching Florida sun! 

What has been your go-to workout since giving birth? 
As a former collegiate athlete, I thought I could jump right back into some HITT workouts, but found out real soon that I needed to take it slow. My body went through some things! So I started back up doing Barre3 workouts; they have SO many pre and post natal classes!

Dana Harvey

How has your DockATot helped you in terms of your wellbeing?
DockATot is heaven sent. We loved the DockATot SO much with our first daughter, Pia, we gifted three of them to our friends and purchased a new one for Penelope. It's so nice to be able to carry her bed anywhere we are and know she's comfortable and safe. Cooking in the kitchen, she's right next to me. Working out in the living room, she's right there. Or playing with our oldest at the beach, she comes too! 

How are you finding time to sneak in fitness with two little ones?
Whew, at first it was pretty tough. But I found matching yoga mats for Pia and I and it became our thing to do virtual classes together! She actually keeps me accountable, reminding me "mommy do you want to workout with me?" as I guiltily put the package of cookies down. Penelope loves watching us from her DockATot Deluxe+, our little cheerleader. 

What else are you doing to enhance your wellbeing / mindfulness? 
Every 6:30am feeding, it's just the two of us up that early. This is when I have my quiet time to journal and have my devotions. No alarm in the world could have gotten me up that early until I had babies; so she's helping me enhance my wellbeing and I'm grateful!   

What are your fave apps to help you stay healthy? 
My Fitness Pal has been number one, sadly because I'm too lazy to log in a little piece of candy so I'll just skip eating the sweet all together haha. The Nike Run app is incredibly motivating as I make progress on my runs. Also, the SWEAT app is worth the money to get your butt in shape ASAP! And of course the reminders app, where I set reminders for everything in life! 

Dana Harvey Dockatot

(Dana's daughter chilling in her DockATot Deluxe+ and Cabana Kit attachment)

Any advice to other mamas looking to up their postpartum health and fitness routine?
I would say to listen to your body, there is nothing more discouraging than your body shutting down because you've done too much. Our bodies are beautiful in every shape so take your time and embrace each season while you figure out YOUR routine. Strive to be better than yesterday. 

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